7 Ways To Look Chic And Keep Warm During The Cold Season!

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Braving the cold and keeping a fashionable look has always been a problem for me as my inner summer child only loves warm, sunny weather and summer outfits!

So if you’re having the same cold-season issues as me, let’s make this an opportunity to share and discuss chic but warm looks to get us through the winter chilling weather, style-chin up!

I’ll tell you mine, don’t forget to tell me yours in the comments section!

7 ways to keep warm and look stylish cold weather

{1} Layered Outfit

it’s my way of adding warmth and fun to my cold season outfits: layers upon layers! It’s cute to look at and keeps me warm inside. (for the usual jeans casual look, I put on a short sleeved tshirt, then a long sleeve tshirt or a buttoned blouse or shirt, leaving few buttons to show the tee underneath. I then add a chunky cardi with high collar and extra long sleeves, a scarf and the jacket.) I can add or remove layers which I can either leave in my car or carry in my faithful shopper bag.

Chic and warm layered outfit winter

{2} Knitted Scarf

I’m definitely a scarf person. If I could, I would wear scarves at the beach. Wait… I do: I wear sarongs wrapped around me! During the cold season, I usually wear knitted scarves I sometimes pull over my nose as well as winter gives me red nose, like Rudolph’s (wink). When I need an extra layer, I just take off my scarf and wear it wrapped around my shoulders and tuck my hands in it, to keep my fingers warm and functional.

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Chic and warm winter scarves

{3} Leg Warmers

I brought up this before, leg warmers as arm warmers. If I need to get somewhere fancy and I can’t layer too much, I just slip a pair of leg warmers on my arms and get through the freezing cold with warm hands and not much luggage to carry!

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Chic and warm winter legs arms warmers

{4} Thick Soled Footwear

it’s that cold feeling under my soles that gives me the chills up on my spine and that really uncomfortable sensation of frozen toes! So if I can’t wear fur-lined footwear, I go for the really thick soled, like platform shoes. An extra layer between my feet and the freezing ground I step can be added with soles pads. Some winter pads are available in stores – try them out, they can be really effective. At least in the short run.

Chic and warm winter boots

{5} Vests

furry or quilted, the vests can really add fashion value and warmth to your outfit! Choose your vest a size up your usual jacket size, just in case you need to layer some more and add a funky belt to amp up the chic worth!

Chic and warm winter vest

{6} Hats

if you’re wearing your hair short or just need extra protection from the freezing cold, the rain or snow, headwear can be of tremendous help! But choose wisely and fun! Funky earmuffs, knitted beanies or pom-pom hats can either make or break and outfit. If you’re really clueless, use a scarf as a hood and hide your pretty head within!

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Chic and warm winter hats

{7} Warm tea. or coffee. Or soup!

I know it’s not outfit related, but a warm, scented tea can really change your mood and lift up your fashion spirit. Not to mention that hot cup between your freezing fingers!

Chic and warm winter accessories

So when you’ll see someone holding strong to a burning Starbucks cup, running around on thick soled platform shoes, with a fake fur vest belted around the waist and layered upon some crazy looking tees and a scarf on top, that’ll be me! Wave and smile, I’ll know you’re of the Frizz crowd! (wink)

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(all the images included in this story were carefully picked by yours truly and assembled in a – hopefully – useful wardrobe guide for the cold months! Should you know the owner of the images, please help me out with a name so I can properly credit them! Thank you!)


#1 Ellington on 12.14.13 at 2:05 pm

One of the reasons that I love winter here in Canada is I can wear so many nifty types of touques, trapper hats, scarfs, mufflers, mittens and gloves and boots!
And I also have a wonderful assortment of coats as well!
This is great Kpriss! : )

#2 kpriss on 12.15.13 at 10:16 am

You know better than anyone! and I’m sure your outfits are always lovely and stylish! <3

I'm happy you liked this!
-and all others as well! <3

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