Ciara And Katy Perry Imitating Beyonce

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Have you seen Ciara’s latest GQ pictorial? Then perhaps you noticed Katy Perry’s Killer Queen perfume ads?

Well, if you’ve seen Beyonce’s Mrs Carter tour teasers and GQ cover respectively, you’ve seen Ciara’s and Katy Perry’s as well. Imitation is not only the most sincere form of flattery but also the new way to advertise in the entertaining business.

And to think that some people really strive to find new, original, surprising pitches to better promote their products or their talents, when a simple copy-cat work seems to be enough these days!

Katy Perry Ciara imitating Beyonce

Katy Perry Vs. Beyonce

I’ve seen Katy Perry’s Killer Queen ads in September and noticed the striking resemblance with Beyonce’s royal Mrs Carter tour promotional material. But I waved and moved on to more pressing matters (like Thanksgiving).

Beyonce Katy Perry reigning Queens

But the aesthetics are clearly similar. And while Queen Bee is reigning proud on her throne, Katy sits on her reversed throne. Or is it Beyonce’s reversed throne? Try all she might, Katy will never equal Beyonce’s talent or success. That alone renders her ads inefficient and childish.

The name of her perfume alone, ‘Killer Queen’ is a song written by Freddie Mercury and performed by Queen while Katy Perry is trying to emulate the woman described in that song through her new look. Again, highly original. Up to her fingertips (below Beyonce’s nails from the Mrs Carter promo and Katy Perry’s Killer Queen nails).

Beyonce golden nails Mrs Carter Katy Perry nail art Killer Queen

One can assume the similarities are due to the fact that both campaigns were directed by famed Swedish director Jonas Akerlund, but blaming it all on coincidence only would only go skin-deep in a matter of entertain-art. The videos (refresh your memory by watching them both as I embedded them below) are almost identical frame-by-frame.

Katy Perry Killer Queen perfume ad campaign

Beyonce Mrs Carter Queen Promo Material

Evidently, Katy is aiming higher than her usual cat-purr-theme. Forget about her two previous perfumes which went by kitten themed names and aesthetics! Now it’s time to ‘Own the Throne’ as we see in the ad picture, masterfully executed by Tim Walker.

Katy? Whose throne are you aiming at?

Ciara Vs. Beyonce

Today I saw Ciara’s GQ Magazine pictorial teaser. And boy, does it look like Beyonce’s GQ February 2013 cover! And the damage doesn’t only reflect on Ciara but also on the photographer and the magazine publishing such similar photoops with two entertaining entities…

Ciara GQ Magazine pictorial

The February 2013 issue with Beyonce teasing us from the cover was photographed by Uncle Terry. Cici’s pictorial was signed by Gomillion and Leupold. At least it wasn’t the same photographer. But it’s not even a year ago that Queen Bee’s photo was making the rounds of the interwebs, so it’s not an easy item to forget.

Beyonce GQ Magazine February 2013 Terry

Ciara always had troubles with her image, although courted by haute fashion designers, her entertainer persona seemed to be hectically, erratically trying all edges of the entertainment palette. I just wish she would stick to her amazing dancing and her soulful singing. She’ll always be entertaining and crushingly attractive for her legions of fans without copying anyone. And the picture below is proof enough of her flawlessness.

Ciara GQ Magazine black and white

Truth is that beyond the economic impact of advertising, the social and cultural imprints on the modern individual are harder and harder to individualize. We’re getting so used to be delivered the message and follow it blindly that we rarely see where it all begun and where it will take us.

GQ magazine Ciara

Beyonce GQ Magazine February 2013 pictorial Terry

After being a housekeeper in the 60es and a career woman in the 80es, the Woman in Advertising kept on getting more and more sensual, showing off her flirty, provocative nature deeper and further. We’re witnessing yet another emancipation of the woman in advertising. The reigning woman. (Oprah’s OWN, anyone?) And nothing’s wrong with reigning supreme over one’s specialty. But what do we do when we have several Queens owning the same throne?


#1 Appollonia on 11.28.13 at 5:04 am


Dear editor, thank you for your effort but I can not handle this cr*p any longer…..where has true style and individuality gone? What has become of fashion other than a stupid circus? (See Jac’s outstanding comment to the “5 International Vogue December 2013 Covers And Photos”)

Kpriss, Freddie’s “Killer Queen” is a man…..I had to quit looking at that video, it hurts…..

What do we do? It’s so simple. Be the Queen on your throne but a individual. Looking s*xy is fine but preferably with style. Something that goes with every decade and has a long life longer than all of the above…..:)

#2 kpriss on 11.29.13 at 1:05 am

Awww! <3
So where do we get our fun? Please help me out with suggestions, I'm lost as at sea. The uniformity, lack of originality sea of saddening fashion... I long for fresh land of true creativity!

Looolz! So finally Katy Perry nailed it! She said she's feeling so much more like the woman described by Freddie! I'm just a fashion amateur, but she? With all the industry at her disposal and she couldn't find one merciful soul to tell her that the song is about a MAN? haaaaaa laughing my eyes out!

#3 Appollonia on 11.30.13 at 5:37 am

Oh, d*mn…….Freddie passed away 22 years ago. Thought that everybody knows the name Queen is tongue in cheek as Killer Queen is…..but who cares? If she feels like a killer queen let her….she’s feels like geisha too…..whatever…. Why can’t a girl relate to that? Why did I reply anyway? I really don’t care about these women and their ad campaign gigs. Sorry!

Have a nice weekend!

#4 kpriss on 11.30.13 at 10:39 am

hmm.. I went through some of McQueen’s old collection for a Hunger Games story and I realized there was so much to sough-after right there! Such a huge creative force! That’s the kind of fashion I long for…

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