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Great Dame Helen Mirren In Vogue US March 2013

This one is for all of you out there who have seriously mixed feelings – to put it mildly – about Helen Mirren’s pink hairdo! Yes, she might have risked her style ratings when she coifed her usually impeccable hair like that for the 2013 BAFTA ceremony, but her Vogue pictorial only hits the right fashion notes!

Photographed by Mikael Jansson and styled by Sara Moonves, Helen Mirren is very picture of elegance and distinction wearing makeup by Lucia Pica and hair by Luke Hersheson.

Great Dame Helen Mirren Vogue US March 2013

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Beyonce In Vogue US March 2013

So the rumors were true, then? Beyonce is really gracing the March 2013 issue of Vogue US! Instead of seeing the pictures leaked earlier on the interwebs – which were proven to be from Beyonce’s next tour promotional material – we have an entirely new set to talk about!

Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier, Beyonce works her unparalleled charm from the very cover on. But don’t expect something radically different from the inside pictorial – it looks just as retro as the cover does.

Beyonce Vogue March 2013 cover quality

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To Bey Or Not To Bey In Vogue US March 2013?

Since it’s still labeled with ‘rumors’, I can’t say for sure that this image, although highly sophisticated even for Bey’s standards, is certainly from next Vogue’s pages! But it surely keeps making the rounds of the interwebs for some hours already!

Countless speculations place Beyonce on the March 2013 cover of Vogue US while this image below could be part of the cover pictorial, as signed by Annie Leibovitz. Again, all is but water under the rumors bridge!(this is a leaked image of what is believed to be an official Vogue pictorial – hence the poor ‘unofficial’ quality)

Beyonce Vogue leaked photo

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Rooney Mara’s Cold Vogue US February 2013

So: how should I put this? Rooney Mara is just so very… distant. And cold. And still, she seems to have sneaked & got stuck under Anna Wintour’s skin. I imagine that if Noomi Rapace would’ve been American, she’d be on the cover of this Vogue US February 2013 issue.

Because as hard as I’m trying to see her in some other role, Rooney is still The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. And will remain so until her new movie, Side Effects, hits theaters this February. But I somehow doubt that role will erase her previous dark one from everyone’s minds.

Rooney Mara Vogue US February 2013 cover

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Gwen Stefani’s Legs Cover Vogue US January 2013

I realize it has a fantastic cheesy potential, but the title is only describing half the cover truth of Vogue US January 2013 issue focused on Gwen Stefani!

To make it a round, full truth of the cover situation, I should’ve also mentioned the disturbingly flat head due to the big black hat. I have to admit that it’s a pretty original cover, even by Vogue US & Annie Leibovitz celebrity standards. But the pose? It’s so wrong! And the head sequence is cauchemardesque! I sometimes wonder if Anna Wintour doesn’t deliberately approve of issues like this one, to set everyone’s tongues wagging!

Think about it for a second: if they chose the picture you’ll see after the jump as cover, the fashion people would’ve labeled it ‘cliché’ or ‘boring’. Not even Gwen’s six pack wouldn’t have made it safely through the rotten tomatoes rain! (let’s hit the jump to discuss more and see two images from the pictorial! or just click here for the gallery!)

Gwen Stefani Vogue US January 2013 cover

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Anne Hathaway’s Les Miserables Vogue US December 2012

Tom Hooper’s Les Misérables is scheduled for Christmas release. This year. This Christmas! And it’s a musical, just in case you were wondering if it won’t be too sad for Christmas. Although singing Victor Hugo’s dramatic novel doesn’t make it any happier.

It was only logical that Vogue US December 2012’ cover story would go to someone from the Miz story. And Amanda Seyfried already had two (- covers, that is – and we’ll get back to that) and I’m certain Anna Wintour had a hard time choosing between Helena Bonham – Carter (also starring in the said movie) and Anne Hathaway. Who also wedded in a semi – secret ceremony little while ago. Yes. Very hard to choose.

Now: about the cover itself: it’s Annie Leibovitz. Classic. Epic. Green. Sad. And to those who might find suitable to complain about the utter sadness of the cover picture – it’s about Les Miserables. What would you expect? The inside pictorial, however, is shinier, happier. Hit the jump and you’ll see for yourself!

Anne Hathaway Vogue December 2012 cover

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Keira Knightley’s Weird Silver Sleeve On Vogue US October 2012 Cover

Since Keira Knightley is already promoting Anna Karenina (and even Banana Republic has a collection inspired by the said movie), it’s not at all surprising to see Keira doing a Vogue US October 2012 cover! Especially when she has so much to talk about now that she has a fiancé!

Keira Knightley Vogue US October 2012 cover Although the preview image isn’t at all generous in information and details we can speculate upon, I like Keira’s smoky eyed makeup but I can’t take my eyes off of that silver corseted sleeve.

Where does it come from? It’s like a high fashion cast. Would’ve loved to see her arm bejeweled, not corseted like that… (and if it’s Chanel, I know they had some pretty sparkling options to decorate her arm instead of that… thing!)


Tatjana Patitz’ Great Escape In Vogue US August 2012

It’s Sunday! That means we’re on to some family talk. And today I found a story about someone I used to like a lot back in the Supers days: Tatjana Patitz. She was one of my absolute favorites (alongside Christy Turlington), so it was a pleasure reading about her whereabouts (with a little help from the restless & passionate people at tFS).

Turns out Tatjana (46) is a single mother to a beautiful boy (8) and they’re both living the ranch life (20 – acre ranch) in California’s Santa Ynez Valley. Free and unbound, it really looks like the kind of place where you’d want to grow your kids. Riding horses or riding bikes, may the happy wind blow at their sails!

Tatjana Patitz living with her son on California ranch

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