Marion Cotillard Does Vogue Paris September 2010

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Gotcha! You were waiting for some famous, gorgeous model, weren’t you? I was, I really was! I was curious who’s going to crown the Fall Fashion issues of them all with a Vogue Paris September 2010 cover! I wasn’t expecting Marion Cotillard!

But then again – she’s so big right now, Marion. She wasn’t the central character in Inception but still she played a significant role. And then there’s the French pride: Hollywood was submerged by a French Actress! How chic! How fashionable. Not. So, not hiding my surprise – even if you know how I feel about Marion – don’t you feel that a Fashion issue must be more about fashion than any other? (well, it’s the first image from the issue, I’ll try to keep my calm until the next ones arrive) (photo via)

Marion Cotillard Vogue Paris September 2010 cover


#1 Ellington on 08.19.10 at 12:05 pm

I have to say that I really like Marion Cotillard. She is a very talented actor and every photo that I see her in she looks different! :)

#2 Forrest Griffin rules (formally Rob Schneider Rules) on 08.19.10 at 7:03 pm

Although most people look different when you remove their eyebrows, paint on thick layers of eye liner and shine a bright light directly onto their faces

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