Vogue UK, Vogue US Focus On Hollywood For Their Fall 2013 Issues

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Whether you’re a Homeland fan or rooting for Alfonso Cuaron’s latest project, Gravity, Vogue has it covered for you: the UK and US Vogue issues for November 2013 and October 2013 respectively are both built around a Hollywood movie star. What more reason do you need to turn your life from immediate reality to screen-fiction?

I am huge admirer of both actresses and while Homeland is one of my tv fixtures, I will definitely go watch Gravity now, knowing much more about it (without being a spoiler, I watched the movie trailer’s beginning and at 3 the seconds mark I was convinced it was just another ‘Solaris’ . Granted, George Clooney starring in Gravity was a big part of my ‘Solaris’ reasoning. ). But what I enjoy more, beyond the fashion of it – which is a bit irrelevant since both ladies are more famous for their acting career than their fashion value – is the return of the action hero au feminin. Lady she-roes – we needed that!

Sandra Bullock Vogue US Claire Danes Vogue UK similar covers

Homeland reached its third series and as I’ve heard, it will be a thorny one for everyone. Something Homeland already had us accustomed with. But Claire Danes is the absolute queen of drama in my perspective so she’ll undoubtedly deliver yet another speechless performance throughout the episodes.

What makes Sandra Bullock amazing is her ability to be funny without being shallow, to be entertaining and profound while still being likable. She’s such an amazingly strong woman and a talented performer, I’m happy she’s been given the cover of Vogue this month (her 6th Vogue cover so far). She deserves all the spotlight and the love we can give her!

Sandra Bullock Claire Danes photographed in Vogue

Another important similarity between the two lady stars is their fairly new motherhood. Both Claire and Sandra have each a boy under 5 years and we all know how a new mother can feel and how much her newly acquired quality can drive her away from her previous life. But that doesn’t seem to be the case for Claire or Sandra who both continue to walk their path to fame while juggling their personal life and their career with ability and determination. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that they’re both born in the month of April (different years, but still). Or with their family’s eminent DNA (Sandra’s grandfather was a rocket scientist while Claire’s was dean of Yale’s art and architecture school)?

Sandra Bullock Claire Danes pictorials in Vogue

Either way, they’re both strong women who portray strong characters on the big and small screen and now they’re both on the October/November cover of two editions of Vogue magazine. Because we admire their acting skills not their fashion worth. One more reason to see the style beyond any fashion (and marvel at the almost-identical colors of the masthead or the similar cover taglines).

Sandra Bullock by Peter Lindbergh Vogue US October 2013

Peter Lindbergh photographed Sandra Bullock who had choreography training for her role in Cuaron’s Gravity and we can see her demonstrating her hard trained skills in the pictures published in Vogue. You gotta give it to that brilliant cover, though: next to fashion titles, right below to the cover-story title, lies a perplexing issue. Pump Down the Volume: How to Fix an Overinjected Face. Yeah. Because that’s where we’re at. Somewhere in line with the obesity dilemma is the botox-sity dilemma!

Sandra Bullock Peter Lindbergh photography Vogue US

On the other hand, Claire Danes looks so relaxed, so serene on the British Vogue cover photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg, that you’d think all is honey and roses in Homeland. Since it’s the talk of the issue, I feel more like this Vogue is about Carrie Mathison, not about Claire Danes. Except there’s something missing – Carrie’s transfiguration. Claire is all rainbows in these pictures and as much as I would’ve loved to love the cover story pictorial, I feel it’s sterile and inaccurate. But then again, how would I expect to feel about a static written story and a still pictorial about a TV series I love watching and its heroine’s whose take-after-take acting blows me away?

Claire Danes Vogue UK November 2013 by Nathaniel Goldberg

Claire Danes in Vogue UK


#1 Appollonia on 10.08.13 at 9:37 am

I don’t like Sandra Bullock’s US Vogue cover. Their photoshop has gone way too far. Their covers are terrible of late. Look at Sandra’s body? It’s weird. Also that fashion photo shoot is so not her. Despite her movie part. I like Sandra a lot. One of the most likable actors around. I have to confess though I watch her movies mainly on tv the last 7/8 years. But they always are a joy to watch because she’s in it.
Once so down to earth not so Hollywood Sandra should take note of the botox dilemma too. Stop it here Sandra! I love(d) your face. Be a real hero then!
Oh, dearest editor, Sandra is a Leo born in July. ;)

Claire Danes UK Vogue cover is way, way better than her US Vogue cover. The photoshoot is also nice. But that’s not Carrie at all. Not that I want that. Rather not. I still like to see models return to show fashion. But I guess a new, younger audience loves this and it sells.

About Homeland I still can’t stand it they killed off Estes! I’ve not seen anything of series three but it should be better than season two. Estes gone, less Brody as I heard and Carrie always troubled by her illness? I’m afraid it’s hard to beat the first breathtaking series.

#2 kpriss on 10.09.13 at 6:39 am

Thank you my dearest Appollonia! I stand corrected! <3

So you think she has had work done? Sandra? Too bad, she didn't strike me as someone who would fall for this silly forever young desperation!

Ah yes, and way more focus than we needed on Brody's teenage daughter... Quinn is starting to evolve into a very interesting character...

#3 Appollonia on 10.10.13 at 10:03 am

Of course Sandra has work done. I follow her since Speed. It’s done very well though. But she must stop now. Not become a Nicole Kidman. And if I had the money I wish I could afford her surgeon or filler-whatever specialist. Yes, that’s right, I ain’t kidding. ;) :)

Yeah, Brody’s daughter has been photographed for fashion yet so I’m afraid we’re stuck with her. Not so sure Homeland will remain a fave to me. Not really. I remember quitting ’24’ half way the third season. There are just a few great series that are great until the very last series. But that’s me.

#4 Jac on 10.11.13 at 2:07 pm

I like Claire Danes cover mostly because it is a total headshot & she looks pretty. And we don’t do pretty anymore in 2013 it is too uncool!!!!

I like Sandra Bullock but I wish she would fade from the limelight & let a new era of covergirl / actress’ be ushered in. Vogue gave her a massive break & boost to her image in 1995 / 98 & now it somebody else’s turn – no? Articles / photoshoots featuring Sandra bring nothing new to the table – we have seen it & read it all before.
The cover is nice but boring in its predicability.

#5 Jac on 10.11.13 at 2:13 pm

Addit : I too am over Homeland like I was over 24! I am onto Scandal – it is fantastic. I need my intrigue – soapsudsy (& well dressed) – LOL!

#6 kpriss on 10.11.13 at 2:14 pm

I actually seen the movie since writing the above story. Should I have seen it at the time, it’s highly possible that my plea sounded slightly different. Not that I dislike Sandra, au contraire, she’s quite likable. But! Watching Gravity has generated something unexpected in my stomach. In my head. in my heart.
Being a mother definitely has something to do with it – should you watch it, you’ll understand. But the soundtrack? the effects? the interpretation? Magnificent!

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