John Mayer’s New Girlfriend: Katy Perry!

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While her ex – husband, British comedian Russel Brand gets very vocal about their unhappy marriage, Katy Perry lights her love fire with John Mayer. The two have been seen together on numerous occasions, each time, their reps have had something to say to justify their meetings and deny that John Mayer’s new girlfriend is Katy Perry; most recently, Katy Perry and John Mayer took Chateau Marmont late night dinner to discuss song collaboration! Yeah, right!

John Mayer s new girlfriend Katy Perry


#1 ana on 08.13.12 at 5:56 am

Am I the only woman in the entire world who absolutely abhors ballerinas and head bands ?
Lovely dress.

#2 Riana on 08.13.12 at 7:21 am

I hate ballerinas! I really hate them lol! I like to wear a scarf around my head now and then. I don’t hate them. I wear them for comfort sometimes like right now.

#3 kpriss on 08.13.12 at 7:51 am

(I tried to find who makes the dress.. no luck, though. I thought it was pretty too!)

ana? you’re definitely not alone in this! I think they’re good around the house – I keep wearing socks indoors and they’re wearing out so fast, I’m contemplating indoors ballerinas for this winter. It’s just as bad?

headbands, on the other hand – I love. especially if they have big bows or flowers on (make them myself, just to make sure they’re big enough – lol). My frizzy hair needs taming, you see, and so far, headbands are convenient.

#4 ana on 08.13.12 at 11:11 am

Ahhh… relief after all.

Kpriss : Indoors is fine for me.My issue is just this : When outdoors I always got me feet DIIIRTY when I wore them. I NEED to be 1 inch (minimum) above the floor. Call me a queen, I take it ;-)

Riana : I mean those rigid head bands. Scarfs are lovely and more practical, one can always put around the neck or tie it at the bag.
On the other hand I love hats. Go figure…

#5 kpriss on 08.13.12 at 12:44 pm


so how do you deal with sandals? Seriously – I have the same issue with the dirt, especially during the long city walks!

Ah, yes! I do tie a scarf for a headband every now and then :) my heart bleeds for hats too! Sadly, many of my city rounds go through the car. I can’t drive and wear a hat. I feel the same thing when I cook and wear bracelets. Can’t. But I think it’s just me … Every time I get to a store where they sell hats, I just pick one and wear it all the way to the cashier’s where I just leave it with utmost regret.

#6 ana on 08.13.12 at 1:30 pm

If I have a city walk I always wear shoes.
Sandals I keep for evenings when I am always indoors. If I wear them at afternoons, then I choose ones with small platforms.
Sometimes I make exceptions, of course.

#7 Riana on 08.13.12 at 3:23 pm

I wear Birkenstocks, flip-flops, UGGs and other comfy slippers indoors. All the time. Outside it are always boots, shoes or sandals with a small platform or at the moment very high but comfy summer wedges.

I am a sucker for hats! I have set my heart on a new hat I noticed today. :)

The shoes that Katy carries with her must be uncomfortable ;)

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