Elle Fanning Is Radiant In Vogue US March 2013

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Two reasons pointed me towards this story and only one of them is the positive aesthetic of the overall pictorial. I will, however, talk briefly about the facts and the wonders of the Radiant Day story before anything else.

Impeccably photographed by the legendary Norman Jean Roy, Elle Fanning looks amazing in this two – pages spread from the March 2013 issue of Vogue US. Styled by Lawren Howell with hair by Holli Smith, makeup by Ozzy Salvatierra and nails by Emi Kudo, Elle’s look is a perfect balance between dream and reality. And rightfully so since she’s starring as Maleficent’s Princess Aurora: who would ever imagine a rock’n’roll Aurora?

Elle Fanning Vogue US March 2013 in Valentino dress

The second reason why I wanted to mention Elle’s pictorial is related to her age. Am I the only one who feels slightly disturbed that a 14yo is doing Vogue? I imagine that it was really an honor to be photographed by Norman Jean Roy for a Vogue spread, but if this was Vogue Paris, everyone and their respective dogs would’ve jumped in Emmanuelle Alt’s head with no reserves. Why is this Vogue teen material any different? Just because she’s talking about Ginger & Rosa, her latest movie where she’s actually playing a teenage girl?

Elle Fanning Vogue US March 2013 by Norman Jean Roy

Elle Fanning Vogue US March 2013

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