Models Starting The New Year (In Pictures)

Among the many glamorous things I did to celebrate the arrival of new year (Happy New Year everyone!), liking and following on Instagram a considerable number of designers and models was one of the funniest.

And most interesting, as from my chair, drowned in the infinite perspective offered by my old, trusted smartphone via the interwebs, I came to find out, in real time, what some of the most famous fashpeople were doing for New Year’s and after! As I hope everyone is ready for the first Monday of 2014, here’s what some of the models and the designers active on Instagram were doing this weekend:

Gisele Bundchen’s family home paradise

I’m starting with perfect Gisele because her Sunday was more or less like mine. Except our kids are significantly older and we have our handsful (count 4 kiddos and a dog, unlike Gisele and Tom’s two kiddos and a dog).

Gisele Bundchen home family Sunday

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Happy New Year 2014!

As today everyone is getting ready to party and welcome the New Year with glitz, glam and lots of fun, I’d like to wish you all to have a joyful, wonderful celebration!

We’re growing stronger, smarter and kinder each year and 2013 was no different! And regardless of how hard 2013 may have been, the only thing on my mind is that 2014 will be better. More inspired and creative, more loving, loveful and accomplishing!

My New Year’s Resolutions? I want to be better. Each day. I want to be more helpful. Every day. I want to be closer, more positive and essentially wiser. Each and every day! Regardless of your resolutions, be joyful, have faith and keep strong! It will happen! Just like the New Year is happening! May 2014 be everything you hope and wish for and more! (Patrick Canler brilliantly captured the sparkling effervescence of fireworks)

fantastic fireworks New Year s

Festive Eyes Makeup For New Year’s Eve Party & More

Just a couple of days left to steal inspiration and ideas for the big party between the years! New Year’s Eve is closing in, and it’s closing in sooooo fast! What will you be wearing? How about the shoes? the nails? The eyes?

I’m particularly minimalistic about makeup (for someone who has a passion for fashion – wink) but I do pay extra attention to my eyes! Whenever I wear makeup (or extra special makeup), it’s all about the eyes.

33 party makeup ideas for new year s eve

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Happy Holidays From StyleFrizz!

My dear friends, that magical time of the year is here again! The special time when we put everything aside and let the Spirit of the Holidays shine through! through every difference doors keeping us apart, through every broken bridge of misunderstandings and through every numbing fog of disbelief.

Last year’s StyleFrizz angel is back, in the background, introducing another character from this year’s StyleFrizz Christmas Tree, Frosty, the Sleigh Bell! I wish its jingle would spread joy and love all over the place, keeping you all happy and merry this season and forever more!

Hope and love keep me strong, I wish the same for you, Dear Friends near and far! May the years and the miles only be measured in smiles, may our hopes keep our souls strong, and may our hearts be always joyful, true and kind!

Happy Holidays, from the bottom of my heart!

Stylefrizz Holidays 2013

Most Recent Spring Summer 2014 Ad Campaigns

With the latest Christmas craze, I just needed to step back a moment, widen my fashion perspective and see beyond the Holidays: see next season’s advertising campaigns as they started to come down like snow in Aspen!

Marc Jacobs is the first to open the preview list with what was his last collection for Louis Vuitton in a monumental advertising campaign starring a handful of his ‘muses’:

Catherine Deneuve Louis Vuitton Spring 2014 ad campaign

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Uma Thurman’s Red Carpet Snow Boots Vs. Mariah Carey’s Aspen High Heels Boots

Not since the fabulous days of Brooke Shields carelessly walking the Red Carpet with a pair of pink Crocs shoes have I witnessed such a mismatch from a famous gorgeous lady attending an official event!

Brooke would most definitely approve such a look, I’m certain, but by fashion standards, Uma Thurman was deeply wrong in pairing her spring daisies printed red dress with a Sorel snow boots! In almost any occasion, but especially for an event such as the Tibet House US Benefit Auction hosted by NY’s Christie’s Auction House.

Uma Thurman Red Carpet snow boots Sorel

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10 Christmas Gifts For Hipsters!

If you’ve checked out almost everyone on your list and already got them the gifts you thought they’ll love, there’s still someone left who’s … special! Isn’t there? Someone who either has it all, seen it all or done it all, someone who’s so quirky in every aspect that one might go ahead and call him/her a hipster! If hipster wouldn’t be so last season.

But for Christmas, anything goes! So here’s a quick guide with Christmas gifts for the hipsters, the quirky ones, the eco-conscious ones, the social-involved ones, all those who need extra special attention when choosing a gift! However, any of them would love:

10 Christmas Gifts for Hipsters

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40 Models Winter Street Style Outfits For Inspiration!

If you’re taking advantage of the last days of Christmas shopping, better take good care of your outfit – make it stylish but warm! Here’s a handful of ideas from our lovely models!

For years now, street style fashion has become a second catwalk everyone’s watching eager to get inspiration from the off-duty looks of models. An entire army of fashion paparazzi – also known as street fashion photographers – awaits outside the fashion show venues just to catch the models and capture their looks on camera.

street fashion photographers crowd

On the other hand, the entire fashion population is just as eager to go through models off-duty looks to get that backstage fashion professional laid back air… So let’s see what ideas we, mere fashmortals, can steal from models’ outfits, more specifically, how do models keep warm during the cold season with over 45 off-duty looks from 2009 to present days!

models street style winter outfit inspiration

models like Alana Zimmer, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Nadja Bender, Aymeline Valade and Sigrid Agren off-duty looks will inspire your winter style!

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