Festive Eyes Makeup For New Year’s Eve Party & More

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Just a couple of days left to steal inspiration and ideas for the big party between the years! New Year’s Eve is closing in, and it’s closing in sooooo fast! What will you be wearing? How about the shoes? the nails? The eyes?

I’m particularly minimalistic about makeup (for someone who has a passion for fashion – wink) but I do pay extra attention to my eyes! Whenever I wear makeup (or extra special makeup), it’s all about the eyes.

33 party makeup ideas for new year s eve

For those of you, who just like me, focus on the eyes makeup, here’s a handpicked collection of essentially glitter glam makeup for New Year’s Eve (and pretty much every fancy party you’re feeling up to)!

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Starry Eyes Makeup

for the most special night of the year, fantastic makeup such as the one below is most welcome! Sparkly stars above or below the eyes, up on the cheeks make for a very festive and season-appropriate beauty approach.

New Years Eve makeup blue stars

For those of us, who just like me, aren’t proficient in makeup but still want to achieve this special look, know that these special stars, much like many other compact shapes (such as sequins or maxi glitter particles) are available for purchase as decals and it’s said that they are guaranteed to last for many hours.

New Year's Eve makeup golden stars

golden stars makeup by like an utopian

New Years Eve makeup white stars

New Year s Eve makeup silver blue stars

freehand starry eyes makeup by Katie Alves

Sequined Eyes Makeup

sequins, to me, are like giant particles of glitter. And I LOVE glitter! On my nails, in my wardrobe and around my eyes! The first examples below come straight from the catwalk but nothing stops us from replicating the look for that awesome New Year’s Eve party! (or any other special party!)

party makeup sequins Dior catwalk

sequins eyes makeup as seen in Dior 2008 fall Couture fashion show

For sequins and rhinestones or any other fancy shiny tiny shape you’ll want to enhance your party makeup, the false eyelashes glue is perfect and you might even have it in your beauty case! (and just in case you’re wondering what kind of sequins fit best around the eyes, just use normal sequins, the same as the one for garments trimmings.)

New Year s eve party makeup sequins

New Year s Eve party makeup sequins Dior

Glitter Eyes Makeup

big or small shiny magic particles of glitter will up any makeup to the art status without any other effort besides putting in on and get the party started! Those tiny particles will capture and reflect the light and make a real star out of you with the littlest effort!

New Year s Eve party makeup red glitter

red glitter and glass makeup by music lover stock

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You can find glitter in beauty stores or boutiques selling party costumes or carnival costumes and applying it on doesn’t need special techniques. Just have fun and go with the flow!

festive party makeup

blue glitter eyes makeup and matching nails photographed by Harry Galpin

party makeup purple green glitter

multicolored glitter and flakies around the eyes by trisha monster

New Year s Eve party makeup glitter

New Year s Eve Party makeup green glitter

New Year s Eve party makeup blue silver glitter

gorgeous winter glitter makeup by trisha monster

party makeup glitter eyes

gorgeous, subtle glitter makeup from theamazingworldofj

Feathered Eyes Makeup

demands for a more special set of skills if you want to excel in the art of the feathered eyes. However, should you have a special look in mind and the right feathers, you can always use the same eyelashes glue to achieve the makeup you have in mind!

special party makeup feathers

feathered party look as photographed by Harry Galpin

New Year s Eve party makeup feathers

party makeup feathers

I’m sure there are other ways to transform your makeup into something party-xtraordinary, but as I said before, I’m just an amateur with a fondness for glitter. I hope the few looks I gathered here were inspiring and helped you with a couple of ideas for that special New Year’s Eve makeup! Oh, and don’t forget those special false eyelashes for extra fluttering effect!

party makeup frozen

frozen eyes for wintery nights by Alisha

party eyes makeup hearts

freehand multicolored hearts for a joyful party by Katie Alves

Should you like to share your ideas and experience, do so by submitting your thoughts in the comments form below, I’d be more than happy to find out and learn your beauty party tricks! (I have searched and handpicked the images from public domain; however, I tried to scoop the original source and credit back wherever I found it. With many thanks to those who made this story possible, here are some of the places where I found inspiration – besides those whose pictures have their owners specified in the caption: Hailey, Irene Zeleskou, mouers, Tina Angel, xjnfr. Should you know the owner of any of the photos, please tell me who is it so I can rightfully credit back! thanks!)

special party makeup green

green makeup compliments dark eyes and glitter makes everything special!

special party makeup

silver stars and lace – what could be more festive than that?

New Year s Eve party eyes makeup

whatever color, whichever party, don’t forget to add glitter!

special festive party new year s makeup

less is more – I’m ok with that as long as there’s glitter!

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