Models Starting The New Year (In Pictures)

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Among the many glamorous things I did to celebrate the arrival of new year (Happy New Year everyone!), liking and following on Instagram a considerable number of designers and models was one of the funniest.

And most interesting, as from my chair, drowned in the infinite perspective offered by my old, trusted smartphone via the interwebs, I came to find out, in real time, what some of the most famous fashpeople were doing for New Year’s and after! As I hope everyone is ready for the first Monday of 2014, here’s what some of the models and the designers active on Instagram were doing this weekend:

Gisele Bundchen’s family home paradise

I’m starting with perfect Gisele because her Sunday was more or less like mine. Except our kids are significantly older and we have our handsful (count 4 kiddos and a dog, unlike Gisele and Tom’s two kiddos and a dog).

Gisele Bundchen home family Sunday

Anja Rubik snorkeling paradise

one of my favorite models lost in a sea of clear perfection, somewhere, on a fine Sunday morning! What a dreamy way to spend the first weekend of a new year!

Anja Rubik swimsuit perfect snorkeling

Anja Rubik sharing a picture of her gorgeous self all prepped up for snorkeling in perfectly clear waters

Maryna Linchuk’s beach paradise

spending the first days of the year in Tulun, Mexico, Maryna sure looks tanned and dreamy beautiful! What a sunny breakfast, what a gorgeous view! (the other nights she was sharing pictures from parties, I’m guessing also from Mexico while her latest snapshot talks about rain. Again. In Tulun).

See also: Maryna hard at work on Victoria’s Secret’s 2013 Fashion Show catwalk

Maryna Linchuk beach holiday Tulun

Maryna Linchuk getting ready for breakfast in Tulun, sharing her gorgeous side with her fans and followers

Poppy Delevingne flying beach paradise

Poppy is airborne! Spending the first days of the year on the beach, under the hot sun seems to be a must among our beloved models. Poppy sure looks flying with happiness. Somewhere, on a hot, sandy beach…

Poppy Delevingne beach happy

Poppy Delevigne is so beach-happy, she’s floating! And telling the world about it!

Zac Posen’s cooking dinner paradise

Zac Posen and his partner, Christopher Niquet had a glamorous pack of guests over dinner: Karen Elson, Liz Goldwyn and Tennessee Thomas. Just look at them how lovely and homey they look!

Zac Posen dinner guests Karen Elson Liz Goldwyn

Zac Posen’s beautiful dinner guests sharing their enthusiasm with the fashion world

Part of the menu, was a blueberry pie prepared by Zac Posen himself with gluten free store-bought dough pie crust looking all yum and perfect!

Zac Posen blueberry pie

Zac Posen proudly showing off his pie-baking skills. perhaps a hint for his next collection?

His dinner guests are organizing a Vintage Vanguard charity sale with 20 vintage pieces from Liz and Karen re-imagined by 20 American Showing Designers. The sale is organized in partnership with and all the proceeds will be donated to

Karen Elson event vintage fashion

good Vintage starts for the new year with an exclusive event organized by Karen Elson and Liz Goldwyn

Closing this first IG report of 2014 with Cara Delevingne being all friendly like always. Isn’t she a doll? Perhaps that’s why she got that fierce tattoo, so everyone would recognize it’s her hand showing the finger, even if they don’t see her pretty face. Happy New Year to you as well, Cara!

Cara Delevingne surfing friendly

Cara Delevingne expressing her happy feelings while surfing carelessly


#1 Ellington on 01.13.14 at 3:55 pm

For me the best and most interesting photo of the bunch was the homemade fruit pie. : )

#2 kpriss on 01.18.14 at 4:28 am

for me that was an unexpected find as well! I didn’t know Posen had such a huge passion for cooking!

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