Julia Restoin Roitfeld Lookalike In Glamour Retro Chic Looks

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Going through the latest editorials, I was surprised to see Julia Restoin Roitfeld’s retro charm in the latest issue of Glamour UK! At a closer inspection, though, the model in question proved to be a lookalike!

Estelle Yves is her name, she’s a French model, just like Julia, except she’s 20. 13 years younger than Carine Roitfeld’s daughter and for the last 3 years she kept climbing the fashion ladder.

Julia Restoin Roitfeld lookalike Estelle Yves

Ever since Julia Restoin Roitfeld gave birth to her daughter, Romy, in May 2012, her work as a model was rather hectic. Not that she was such a great model fixture in our monthly fashion magazines anyway, but let’s just say she was an interesting addition to the fashion offer ever since Tom Ford said embodied ‘exactly what beauty is to me’, back in 2006.

Julia Restoin Roitfeld debut Tom Ford perfume ad

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld famously rose to fame with Tom Ford’s Black Orchid perfume ad (2006)

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Of course, having a famous pedigree helped tremendously (she is, after all, the daughter of Carine Roitfeld). But let’s face it, she’s not her mother, nor she is Kate Moss (who, mind you, got a special Bunny pictorial for her 40th birthday) so at 33, Julia’s modeling appearances just got more infrequent than ever before.

Julia Restoin Roitfeld Me City lookbook Winter 2011

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld looking retro-glam in Me&City’s Winter 2011 lookbook

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Estelle Yves might just be filling in the gap. For the moment she seems to be a Glamour usual, hereby examples from the January and February 2014 issues. ‘Have a chic day’ was the story that caught my attention in the first place. Photographed by Chris Craymer, styled by Emer Dewar, Estelle’s hair was done by Tim Crespin at Sarah Laird and her makeup was done by Helen Walsh at S: Management.

Retro chic outfit Estelle Yves Glamour UK January 2014

Estelle Yves for Glamour UK January 2014

Retro Glamour January 2014 Estelle Yves

Estelle Yves retro pictorial in British Glamour’s January 2014 issue

retro pictorial Glamour UK January 2014 Estelle Yves

‘do I look enough like Julia?’

Estelle Yves Glamour UK January 2014 pictorial

‘…Julia who?’

It is highly possible that the January story above might’ve been realized with Julia in mind, because the next month, Glamour UK assembled another team, also with Chris Craymer behind the lenses. However, Karen Preston styled this month’s ‘Now Showing’ story with Estelle Yves and James Hampson. The makeup by Eli Wakamatsu at Emma Davies Agency and hair (again) by Tim Crespin reveal another side of Estelle’s modeling abilities – one that isn’t necessarily tied to Julia Restoin Roitfeld.

Estelle Yves Glamour UK February 2014

Estelle Yves styled by Karen Preston in Glamour UK February 2014

The resemblance is there, and while Julia is focusing more on her daughter and issues related to parenting (she started a website for parents romyandthebunnies.com), younger models like Estelle use known clichés to make their ascension easier and more familiar. I highly doubt Tom Ford would ever pick Estelle to embody his ideal of a woman, though…

Glamour UK February 2014 Estelle Yves

Retro dreamy looks for Estelle Yves in Glamour UK February 2014

Estelle Yves Glamour UK February 2014 pictorial

lost in Roitfeld-translation

Estelle Yves James Hampson Glamour UK February 2014

Estelle Yves and James Hampson in Glamour UK February 2014

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