Elle Spain January 2014 Recreates H&M Winter 2012 Ad Campaign

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Perusing through magazine pictorials, my eyes were distraught with yet another fashion magazine’s spread. It felt strangely familiar!

So I decided I’d subject my comparison to you, perhaps trigger your comparative analysis and get you feelings on the matter as well. Long introduction short: here’s Nadeja Savcova, a model photographed by Xavi Gordo for Elle Spain January 2014. Doesn’t it remind you of Daria Werbovy’s H&M winter 2012 ad campaign? A little? Too much? (click through for even more images!)

Elle Spain January pictorial looks like HM ad campaign

Up in the thin air, where Daria’s natural beauty shines even more than the surrounding snow, Mikael Jansson photographed the Canadian model in a winter special ad campaign called ‘Love the Holidays’. Knits and accessories from the giant Swedish retailer looking ready to catwalk up and down Aspen’s snowy roads.

Daria Werbowy HM winter campaign Nadeja Savcova Elle Spain

Daria (left) for H&M and Nadeja (right), Elle Spain: clothes, background, everything is oh-so-similar!

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That was in 2012. We’re in 2014 and fashion hasn’t evolved one inch in some editors’ perspective. Vicki Marcos arranged the models’ hair and makeup while Inmaculada Jimenez styled this ‘Style Slalom’ (Slalom de Estilo in original) for the January issue of Elle Spain. Call it her perspective on H&M’s ad campaign, two years ago.

Daria Werbowy Nadeja Savcova winter fashion

spot the little differences! Daria (left) and Nadeja (right)

Sure, one may argue that one does not need to reinvent the wheel, just realign it. And we’re not all Mariah Carey to wear high heels while on sky holidays, hence mountain-wear won’t look all that different from one year to another. But! Look at the pictures where Nadeja Savcova is wearing either all white or all black and tell me it’s not all too strangely similar!

winter slopes fashion Daria Werbowy Nadeja Savcova

years may come and go, hold on to your fur coat!

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Elle didn’t even need the famous services of George Cortina who styled Daria for the H&M campaign. They just followed in his and his team’s footsteps. Yannick D’Is arranged Daria’s hair while Mark Carrasquillo did her makeup.

Daria Werbowy winter knit H and M

We are, after all, talking about Elle Spain which is part of the Hearst Media Group, which, in Spain, released an informative number of 5 million readers (audience) in 37, 6 Million annual issues sold (30 different individual magazines are part of that count, so don’t be surprised upon reading the numbers). On the other side, Hennes & Mauritz, in short H&M has over 3,000 stores in 53 countries with over 100,000 on their direct payroll and a declared turnover of nearly $63,000 Billion in 2012. Really, no match between the two!

Daria Werbowy photographed by Mikael Jansson for HM

Daria doing the sweater pose for H&M (2012)

Nadeja Savcova in Elle Spain January 2014

Nadeja closely following in Elle Spain (2014)

Except for our tired fashion eyes, constantly on the lookout for new and original imagery and concepts, always deceived by the same old approaches, same old perspectives, year after year.

Daria Werbowy white sweater HM winter 2012

Daria looking hot in white for H&M campaign styled by George Cortina

all white winter outfit Elle Spain January 2014

Inmaculada Jimenez styled Nadeja Savcova in Elle Spain January 2014

Elle Spain January 2014 winter pictorial

Elle Espana January 2014 winter fashion

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