2014 Must Have Fashion Sneakers From Nike, Adidas, Converse

The Fashion Week season is practically right around the corner and you know you’ll need a very comfortable pair of shoes! But these sneakers will appeal way beyond the fashionable crowd running from venue to venue, invites in hand, ipads on tow!

Everyone (and their mother) will want a piece of these shoes! Heck, even yours truly wants a piece of them! After daydreaming and hacking the Haute Couture sneakers just the other day, don’t I deserve a piece of sole reality for comfort and peace of footsteps? Yeah I do! Let me show you what I’m dreaming of today:

hottest new fashion sneakers 2014

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Easy DIY Chanel, Dior Couture Sneakers For Less!

I love it whenever I get a subversive idea about sweet fashion hacks: quick, easy totorials on how to replicate designer fashion items in the privacy of your own home. Feeling crafty? Scroll down!

The Haute Couture season is full of stylish ideas and promises of overwhelming style. The sneakers sent down the runway by Lagerfeld and Raf Simons were the very inception of a Frizz DIY project! I presented the footwear yesterday, in a compelling, image-heavy story. Now it’s time for our interpretation of Haute Couture Sneakers! Because although I passionately love and everyday wear my sneakers, they’d look fabulous after a crafty makeover!

Easy DIY Guide Fashion Sneakers

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Must Have Haute Couture Sneakers From Chanel And Dior

The Spring 2014 Haute Couture Season was more than just gorgeous craftsmanship! It was the High Fashion seal of approval allowing us all to wear comfortable sneakers without being misjudged by the avant-garde fashion population!

Chanel and Christian Dior sent their couture collections out the runway with sneakers and this is worth all our attention and time, dissecting the event!

Chanel Couture Spring 2014 sneakers collection

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Haute Couture Spring 2014 Style Highlights

Before casting an overwhelming influencing light on fashion and style, Haute Couture is exactly what its name suggests: a higher state of sartorial things. The sublime elevation of wearable items during the Spring Summer 2014 season happened in France this month.

Above all exhilarating sewing and cutting masterful execution, some general outlines were noticed and, the most shocking of them all were sneakers in Haute Couture! Both Karl Lagerfeld and Raf Simons included sneakers in the designs they sent out the catwalk for Chanel and Christian Dior respectively.

Spring 2014 Couture highlights Chanel Dior

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2014 Grammy Awards Dresses And Nails

Another weekend, another glamorous Red Carpet! Aren’t you the least curious to see who was wearing what? I’ll give you my favorite, right upfront, not saving the best for last!

Katy Perry in Valentino Couture White Dress With Musical Notes

Is there something ever-more-suitable for music’s biggest night than a dress with musical notes on? Well, they’re from Verdi’s Traviata, granted, not any of Katy Perry’s bubblegum pop thingies, but still, perfect for the night!

2014 Grammy Awards Katy Perry dress Valentino couture

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5 Red Carpet Ready Dresses From Zuhair Murad Spring 2014 Couture

Having the Awards Season in bloom and the Haute Couture Fashion Week happening pretty much at the same time, it’s like Heaven for Red Carpet admirers such as myself.

Zuhair Murad is a celebrity favorite when it comes to the official events wardrobe. So, naturally, I was paying attention at his Spring 2014 Couture collection, see who might wear which dress on the Red Carpet next… (and mind you, the blooming comparison was not in vain as the designer went for an entire garden with his Haute Couture garments for this season.)

Zuhair Murad Couture Spring 2014 Zebra Dress

This gown looks fabulous and would undoubtedly make a fabulous appearance on any Red Carpet! The detail level is stunning, revealing sequined zebra stripes in black and silver, blended into a subtle game of glamour and timeless style.

zebra sequins dress Zuhair Murad Spring 2014 Couture

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Nomad Beauty And Fashion: Armani Prive Spring 2014 Couture

How can one keep a lady-like class and still get fashionably Nomad? By taking a few style lessons from Giorgio Armani’s Armani Prive Spring 2014 Couture collection!

Keeping his Lunar blue theme going, Armani is said to have tried to evoke the grand dame of fashion Loulou de la Falaise. She was a known muse to Yves Saint Laurent, so this may seem a bit contradictory as she has inspired Yves as well. But, an Icon is an icon, regardless, so Armani’s collection was a masterful show with plenty grab-attention details and lots of inspiring pieces!

Armani Prive couture collection 2014

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How To Create Curved Text Watermark For Instagram Pictures! (On Your Phone)

I asked around so many people, so many times that I finally decided to take the matters into my own hands and so I came up with the sollution to curve your text on Instagram pictures. Or any other pictures!

But I was keen on doing so for my social media accounts as I recently – as some of you may already know – gave into my nail polish obsession and joined the Happy Nail Polish community. A joyful society of ladies talking about polish and glitter all day long. Sharing pictures of newly polished nails is a must and since we all want to enter the web-ternity of nail polishers, watermark our pictures we must! This is how watermarks look like (on yours truly nails):

Valentines Day nails tutorial curved watermark

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