2017 Red Carpet Style: Golden Globes

This Golden Globes Red Carpet, the ceremony, the winners, the epic moments of the 2017 Golden Globes edition will mark our memory. Before the Inauguration, before troubled times which only allow hope to see a bright future ahead, the 2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet was as hectic as one would expect.

And although a few cuts burst out and a handful of legs stand out, pinpointing a general trend is risqué. Yellow, metallic, coral, black, white, suits – there was a bit of everything and anything on the 2017 Golden Globes Red C arpet!
As I was reading the reports from here and there, a serious lack of style coherence was obvious. As if whoever wrote the columns concluding that this and that ‘trend’ was dominant was desperately trying to raise the audience numbers.

2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet Ryan Gosling Emma Stone

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Happy Holidays!

Detox – December – Decisions – did you notice that it all starts with ‘de’? Who named the last month of the year surely had some ideas about matching words…

Starting to pile up the detox recipes, the decisions I’m about to turn into New Year resolutions, this December sure sounds like a wonderful way to jumpstart a new beginning. A new you. A new me. Same old me only better. Isn’t it what we all wish for? To be the best we can be? Next year we have yet another chance to do so. It all starts tomorrow. Or the day after that. Or the year after that?

happy holidays

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2017 Calendar Art Vs. Fame

Prepping the Christmas list? If you’re one of those who are high ahead, you must already have a pretty solid idea about what to give and who deserves what. I’m still trying to figure out what my best options are and I was discussing that with a friend who suggested a calendar. As a gift.

As simple as it may sounds, this option brought about a fair share of choosing trouble and deciding indecisions. Not all calendars are alike! Duh! Take these two for instance: Pirelli’s 2017 Calendar as photographed by Peter Lindbergh and some Kardashian photographed by Terry Richardson for a calendar.

calendar art vs fame

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Is Harmless Organic Hair Dye The End To Gray Hair?

Yes, you’re reading it right! Hair dye that isn’t damaging your hair is real! Let me tell you how I found out: the other week I met my purple-haired friend and my innocent-hearted kids were mesmerized by the magical beauty of those candy purple tresses! At such point that the thought of rainbow hair briefly passed through my mind (so I wrote about hidden rainbow hair)!

The thing about me and hair dye is that we’re complete strangers. Never dyed my hair before and I seriously doubt I ever will. Cotton candy hair, though… it’s really hard to resist! So I did a bit of research about hair dye and the ideal possibility of harmless hair dye. And I think I may have a lead…

black and white gray hair

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Hidden Rainbow Is The New Hairdo Must!

With fall arriving, you’d think rainbow hair is sooo last season! Yet – be amazed: rainbow hair is going stronger than ever and should you dare to wear a hidden rainbow in your hair, you’d be happily trendy!

We talked about candy colored hair before and I wanted to add a special layer to the discussion before summer was over when I noticed the under-hair-rainbow appearing. I wasn’t sure then, but now I definitely am! Rainbows peaking from underneath your hair is the hair color to wear right now!

new hair trend hidden rainbow hair

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5 Fall Sneakers For Fine Fashionistas

While I was scrubbing the ice off my car’s windshield this morning, I mumbled that there was definitely no way to deny the installment of fall. Enter pumpkin spice lattes around the clock and earthy colors in my day to day look.

Besides, Halloween is just around the corner, how long am I going to pretend fall isn’t here? So before I get all Christmassy, allow me to introduce a handful of autumnal sneakers for lifestyle purposes only. Which basically means you’ll be comfortable in every step you take without breaking a fitness sweat or hurting your teeny tiny toes.

fall sneakers for fashionistas

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New Trends: YSL Spring Summer 2017 Collection By Vaccarello

In a constantly moving and changing (fashion) world, it’s unbelievably soothing to find a reference. A fine yet stable style coordinate that’s always going to be there. Evolving yet always the same. That’s the House of Yves Saint Laurent to me.

I’m always looking forward to the Fashion Week yet by it’s 9th day I’m losing track and by it’s 11th day I’m losing patience too. So many collections, so rapidly catwalking up and down the world’s fashion capitals! Seriously, by the time they reach Paris, I don’t want to hear a word about fashion shows! And then something happens. Along comes the Yves Saint Laurent defilé and my faith in style is restored.

paris fashion week ysl vaccaarello

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Why I Loved Sikhounmuong’s J.Crew Spring Summer 2017 Collection!

How to choose your favorite inspiration source for the next Fashion Season when there are so many Fashion Shows, to many gifted designers and so many trends?

I choose with my heart. Sure, my eyes are a huge part of the process and I spend hours going through each Fashion Week’s photos and videos, yet my heart is the decisive factor in steadying for this or that Collection. Below I will detail my absolute crush for the J.Crew Spring Summer 2017 presentation – why I would blindly and compulsively buy every item designed by Somsack Sikhounmuong and his team for the next Season!

jcrew spring summer 2016 presentation

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