New Trends: YSL Spring Summer 2017 Collection By Vaccarello

In a constantly moving and changing (fashion) world, it’s unbelievably soothing to find a reference. A fine yet stable style coordinate that’s always going to be there. Evolving yet always the same. That’s the House of Yves Saint Laurent to me.

I’m always looking forward to the Fashion Week yet by it’s 9th day I’m losing track and by it’s 11th day I’m losing patience too. So many collections, so rapidly catwalking up and down the world’s fashion capitals! Seriously, by the time they reach Paris, I don’t want to hear a word about fashion shows! And then something happens. Along comes the Yves Saint Laurent defilé and my faith in style is restored.

paris fashion week ysl vaccaarello

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Why I Loved Sikhounmuong’s J.Crew Spring Summer 2017 Collection!

How to choose your favorite inspiration source for the next Fashion Season when there are so many Fashion Shows, to many gifted designers and so many trends?

I choose with my heart. Sure, my eyes are a huge part of the process and I spend hours going through each Fashion Week’s photos and videos, yet my heart is the decisive factor in steadying for this or that Collection. Below I will detail my absolute crush for the J.Crew Spring Summer 2017 presentation – why I would blindly and compulsively buy every item designed by Somsack Sikhounmuong and his team for the next Season!

jcrew spring summer 2016 presentation

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Rag&Bone Brings Back 90s Shoes For Spring Summer 2017

What shoes for next year – one might ask – as I’ve already pinpointed the main trends for Spring Summer 2017? Each designer has a unique perspective, yet I noticed something striking in Rag & Bone’s Spring Summer 2017 collection:

90s shoes. Remember that square-ish shape around the toes and the rectangular shape of the (high) heels? It’s all over the Rag&Bone runway for next year! Good or bad – how do you feel about the odd comeback (any leftovers from 20 something years ago)?

spring summer 2017 shoes rag and bone

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Spring Summer 2017 Trends Already In Your Wardrobe!

Good news from the New York Fashion Week front: you may hold on to your jumpsuits, wide leg pants, slip dresses and bomber jackets as they’ll be highly fashionable to wear in the Spring Summer 2017 season as well!

Only one day of defiles from the Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Week can speak volumes about the treasures already within the confinement of your wardrobe! The overall direction for the next season seems to be 80s-flavored, yet nothing is confirmed officially and fashion designers like to surround themselves with an aura of mystery (for business purposes). Yet one thing is clear – some of the items you already bought for this year are must wear next year as well!

spring summer 2017 trends the jumpsuit

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What To Wear Today?

You’ve got a Pinterest account and you’re pinning daily. You’re very active on Instagram and you follow all the style ‘tastemakers’ du jour. Style, Vogue – you name it, you’re on it. Sharing is carrying they say so you’re sharing fashion pics and ideas all day long yet when you’re planning a shopping trip, all the pins and the pics are gone.

Your head is empty and yet you have to buy something for the new season. You’ve got nothing to wear… Your closet is full of clothes and you still have no fashion idea about what to wear… I’ve heard so many of my friends saying that and I thought it may be a good idea to try to help them somehow…

what to wear today

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Autoimmune Disorders And Fashion (Part Three Makeup)

You might have noticed a slowing down in my posting schedule and that’s due to a new flare, biensur. My skin is itching and my stomach is in deep pain which has convinced me to an emergency glunten-free diet to minimize the inflammatory reactions happening right now in my body.

There’s no telling when a flare will start and surely no way to determine when it will end. What’s left to do – other than fight it, which is what I’ve been doing for too long – try to ease it and live with it. So right now I’m in the middle of the storm. Of my skin storm (next time it will definitely be something else, I’m sure). Which brings me to the makeup situation when you’re living with an autoimmune disorder. Or more than one, as autoimmune disorders tend to come in pairs.

autoimmune disorders and makeup

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VMAs 2016 Alicia Keys Shocking Real No Makeup Look

Remember the early 2000 when ‘Fallin’ was blasting from every radio station straight into your soul as if Alicia Keys knew how to speak to your heart? 15 years later, she still owns that secret path like so many before her! Role models. Influencers. The true kind!

While the MTV VMAs 2016 Red Carpet rolled out and everyone tried to outshine everyone else by wearing the shortest, shiniest, fluffiest dress or the glitziest accessories, the craziest hairdos and the most intricate makeup, along came Alicia Keys with no makeup whatsoever and the world stops turning! First time in a loooong series of events I felt like writing something valuable about the Red Carpet madness – and … it wasn’t even about Alicia’s red dress from the Just Cavalli Pre Fall 2016 collection!

Alicia Keys no makeup beautiful mtv vma

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Google Is Now Telling Us What To Wear?

Remember those SATC days when Vogue was feeding us more than the usual burger? Forget that! Forget your favorite blogs, the IG accounts you’re addicted to! Google is now telling us what the next fashion trends will be!

Google is telling us where to eat, when to go, how to drive… now it’s telling us what to wear! Believe it or not, it’s Google’s second year at publishing the next Fashion Trends! It is but a work of putting together numbers and cookies all meant to help the consumer pick faster, shop faster, wear faster. Think. No. More. Google has your back!

2016 trends report google

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