Spring Summer 2017 Trends Already In Your Wardrobe!

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Good news from the New York Fashion Week front: you may hold on to your jumpsuits, wide leg pants, slip dresses and bomber jackets as they’ll be highly fashionable to wear in the Spring Summer 2017 season as well!

Only one day of defiles from the Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Week can speak volumes about the treasures already within the confinement of your wardrobe! The overall direction for the next season seems to be 80s-flavored, yet nothing is confirmed officially and fashion designers like to surround themselves with an aura of mystery (for business purposes). Yet one thing is clear – some of the items you already bought for this year are must wear next year as well!

spring summer 2017 trends the jumpsuit

First things first, to convince you that your wardrobe is definitely on the highest trends wave, here are some of the designers who sent jumpsuits on the catwalk from the very first day of the Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Week (above).

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Now you’re starting to see how things are shaping up for next year? Good! Let’s move on to Slip Dresses – lace, sequins or silk, the slip dress is definitely there to stay. (and oh! How happy that makes me – it’s such a wonderful, fluid shape to wear!)

spring summer 2017 trends the slip dress

Wide leg pants – my absolute favorite type of pants! In denim or tailored shape, the wide leg pants have always been a staple in my wardrobe and I couldn’t be happier to see them having such a huge come back! They’re a very flattering cut and every woman should embrace the wide leg pants for all the right reasons, not just because they’re in!

spring summer 2017 trends the wide leg pants

Here’s why: Wide leg pants may be the best pants for you!

How do you feel about bomber jackets? I say they’re keepers and you can try at least one, see how it feels paired with the rest of your wardrobe! You’ll be surprised to find out that the bomber jacket is just as classic as the jeans jacket or the leather jacket. Embroidered or printed, the bomber jacket will always make a come back so if you’re not sure about which one to buy, go for a classic model and keep it in your wardrobe, you’ll wear it even beyond the Spring Summer 2017 season:

spring summer 2017 trends the bomber jacket

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