New Trends: YSL Spring Summer 2017 Collection By Vaccarello

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In a constantly moving and changing (fashion) world, it’s unbelievably soothing to find a reference. A fine yet stable style coordinate that’s always going to be there. Evolving yet always the same. That’s the House of Yves Saint Laurent to me.

I’m always looking forward to the Fashion Week yet by it’s 9th day I’m losing track and by it’s 11th day I’m losing patience too. So many collections, so rapidly catwalking up and down the world’s fashion capitals! Seriously, by the time they reach Paris, I don’t want to hear a word about fashion shows! And then something happens. Along comes the Yves Saint Laurent defilé and my faith in style is restored.

paris fashion week ysl vaccaarello

I no longer need to review every model in every show to account for next season’s trends or main style directions. I only need one show. I only need one vibe to last me through all season. Calling it YSL or Saint Laurent, Saint Laurent Paris or any other way is less important than the style legacy it’s carrying over the years.

yves saint laurent ss 2017 collection

That dark aesthetic, that deep journey through one’s fashion soul is a connection I’ve never felt with any other fashion house. I’ve been meaning to write this love story down since the very first minutes after the show. Yet, time worked against me and I’m only polishing my romantic declaration too, too many hours after the defile wrapped up.

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When do you reach your Fashion Week full (if ever)? I reached mine when I watched the YSL Spring Summer 2017 collection as designed by Anthony Vaccarello.

saint laurent new collection ss17

It had everything I dream of wearing: the almost-all-black-everything palette, the micro skirts with shiny asymmetrical structure, the see-through lace… the wide jeans, the leather and denim combos, some fine embroideries and really slick seductive details (have you seen those heels? And those glitzy ankle tattoos? I’m seriously considering adding some sharpie ysl art to my ankles right now!

ysl shoes 2017

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I was in high doubts about Vaccarello’s tenure at the head of Yves Saint Laurent’s maison of fashion. With a working history for Versus and followers like J.Lo, I was afraid Vaccarello would bring too much glitz and not enough elegance on the Saint Laurent runway. This first tasteful collection, however, eased my heart – should he had earned every YSL lover’s trust, it remains to be seen in future collections. What could have possibly ended Hedi Slimane’s collaboration with the Saint Laurent brand, I wonder…

ysl ss17 collection

Remember: Saint Laurent’s festival chic collection?

Oh, those heels! So kitsch, yet so amazing! (images vogue dot com)

spring summer 2017 saint laurent

vaccarello ysl


#1 Theodora on 10.12.16 at 12:59 pm

I love it too. Very strong collection and very in tune with the codes of the house. Hope he stay there longer than most of the (very short ) other designers’s tenure at different houses.
A bit out of topic, Chiuri at Dior was my biggest deception this year.

#2 kpriss on 10.14.16 at 1:04 am

Hopefully he’ll stay and we’ll have more to enjoy from YSL in the future!
Dior… it was too wearable… felt like Pinterest had a child with Burberry and Valentino and produced Dior ss17…

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