Is Harmless Organic Hair Dye The End To Gray Hair?

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Yes, you’re reading it right! Hair dye that isn’t damaging your hair is real! Let me tell you how I found out: the other week I met my purple-haired friend and my innocent-hearted kids were mesmerized by the magical beauty of those candy purple tresses! At such point that the thought of rainbow hair briefly passed through my mind (so I wrote about hidden rainbow hair)!

The thing about me and hair dye is that we’re complete strangers. Never dyed my hair before and I seriously doubt I ever will. Cotton candy hair, though… it’s really hard to resist! So I did a bit of research about hair dye and the ideal possibility of harmless hair dye. And I think I may have a lead…

black and white gray hair

All permanent hair dye is hair damaging
When you read on this and that hair dye box that it won’t damage your hair – it’s a lie! When you hear this and that commercial saying that the revolutionary formula of this and that hair dye will not only leave your hair perfectly colored but it will also protect and nourish your hair – not true!

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Hair dye is an essentially chemical substances cocktail that’s meant to wash out the existent color of your hair and replace it with the in-box color. I was completely ignorant about the way permanent hair dye works until I did this research and now I know better than to trust those chemical substances formulas claiming their washing-out of the hair’s natural color isn’t invasive and harmful.

l oreal paris hair dye ingredients list

The way I understand it works, permanent hair dye is like bleaching a tshirt – it damages the fabric to the point of actually breaking it. Sure, you can follow the instructions and only bleach the fabric for a little while. And it won’t be damaged. Yet, bleach it again, in the exact same spot, and again, and again and it will break.

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Just like a t-shirt’s fabric, our hair is dead. The only living part is buried deep down under the skin, in the follicle. Bleaching our (already dead) hair again and again and again and hoping it won’t show the damage or it won’t break, is… only going to leave you with the hope. And broken hair -_-

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Now for the good news: I stumbled across a magical concoction called ‘hair print’! (and no, this isn’t a commercial, I’m genuinely happy and enthusiastically sharing the wonderful news) Just like the name suggests, this isn’t quite the hair dye you’re conventionally used to. It’s more of a restorative process, instead of breaking into the hair, depositing color pigment, this hair print alternative works with the natural pigments of the hair for a natural light-enhanced finish.

First I heard about this natural hair dye, I asked myself if this is yet another one of those ‘organic’ products that are more advertising and less honesty. I searched and watched all the videos available on the topic and more I knew, less I was worried about the product not being real.

organic non toxic hair dye ingredients list hairprint

I started to feel my trust in organic restored and my so-far undefeated natural hair armor started to tremble… A couple of read pages and watched videos later, I’m contemplating a no-gray hair appearance more like an experiment rather than a day-to-day choice.

Honestly – how do you feel about this topic and would you consider changing your permanent dye routine for a more organic alternative? They have yet to offer a variety of shades and colors and that’s a big letdown for many women out there who have lighter hair. However, for darker hair colors it does sound like a wonderful, natural perspective to return the color into those evermultiplying grays… Too good to be true, maybe?

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