Hidden Rainbow Is The New Hairdo Must!

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With fall arriving, you’d think rainbow hair is sooo last season! Yet – be amazed: rainbow hair is going stronger than ever and should you dare to wear a hidden rainbow in your hair, you’d be happily trendy!

We talked about candy colored hair before and I wanted to add a special layer to the discussion before summer was over when I noticed the under-hair-rainbow appearing. I wasn’t sure then, but now I definitely am! Rainbows peaking from underneath your hair is the hair color to wear right now!

new hair trend hidden rainbow hair

If you’re an absolute indoor person and you want to spend an entire day at the salon, finding the right rainbow hues to add in your hair could be your thing! And then there’s the trust issue: do find a quality colorist to paint that rainbow! After all, it’s not a simple ombre and it’s clearly not a permissive balayage. The art of the rainbow is not to be taken lightly, as hidden as it may be!

Remember when: Dame Mirren rocked gorgeous pink hair!

Thinking about it, the hidden rainbow has its perks – you can wear two haircolors at once, one of which encompasses seven other haircolors. So if you’ll do the colors math, you’d be wearing at least 8 different hair colors at once. Just saying that is wicked enough, let alone wearing it!

The other major advantage of hidden rainbow hair is that you can actually hide that rainbow if you have to. Obviously, ideally, there’s no need to hide it – who could ever have a problem with seeing rainbows? Yet there are occasions when one’s hair doesn’t need to be the highlight of a situation…

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Long story short: you can choose a bright, vivid rainbow to hide it under your other layers of hair (provided you do have the right amount of hair to do that, otherwise the end result might not be the one you were hoping for). You can choose a light, pastel-ish rainbow, it’s only up to you (or your colorist). I even found a tutorial that could inspire you to get on a rainbow dye-it-yourself adventure! The treasure at the end of the rainbow is the actual journey and the amazing fact that you’ll be seeing rainbows be it rain or drizzle!

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I’m no hair dye specialist myself, so I wouldn’t know what to recommend or how to proceed, yet I’ll try to find out more about the dye-situation in the future and, hopefully, inspire you to make a better choice.

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Regardless of my non-hair dye policy, I have friends with pink (champagne, she says) and purple hair. I love seeing rainbows and I think colored marshmallows are just as fun to look at as they are sweet to taste! Would you (or did you) ever consider wearing rainbow hair? I’m really curious if the idea of a hidden rainbow is more appealing (and more wearable) than the plain all-hair rainbow colored (here’s a video helping you to color your own rainbow hair at home) or the rainbow undercut (here’s a video of this very coveted summer hairstyle)!


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