Happy Holidays!

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Detox – December – Decisions – did you notice that it all starts with ‘de’? Who named the last month of the year surely had some ideas about matching words…

Starting to pile up the detox recipes, the decisions I’m about to turn into New Year resolutions, this December sure sounds like a wonderful way to jumpstart a new beginning. A new you. A new me. Same old me only better. Isn’t it what we all wish for? To be the best we can be? Next year we have yet another chance to do so. It all starts tomorrow. Or the day after that. Or the year after that?

happy holidays

I hope your Holiday Spirit has kept you warm and cosy, happy and generous this Season! And I hope this December will bring you the best Decisions as your best Days are ahead still! It’s time to look back at your entire year and be grateful for every second, for every lesson, for every chance.

frosty the snowman frizz

It’s time to make the plans, write the thoughts, the intentions, the wishes, the decisions this December brought in your hearts and in your minds. Don’t let the days go by without keeping true to your heart! Don’t let the weeks go by without remembering your goals and trying to attain them. Don’t let the months go by without you being grateful and hopeful!

angel wings frizz

Don’t let the years go by. Live them to the fullest, to the honestest, to the happiest! Tomorrow you’re given a new chance to be the best you can be – I’m taking it – will you take it with me? (how do you like the Frizz home-made Christmas Tree this year? The Frizz Angel is back, year after year -_^)

twinkle twinkle stylefrizz


#1 Theodora on 01.01.17 at 6:13 am

Happy 2017 Kpriss. Wish you lots of happiness, good health, prosperity and many laughs.
Biiiiiiiiig hug for you.
Thanks for your blog.

#2 kpriss on 01.04.17 at 11:57 am

Thank you Theodora! <3 may 2017 bring you closer to your dreams and fulfill your most treasured wishes! Health, joy and love!

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