2017 Calendar Art Vs. Fame

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Prepping the Christmas list? If you’re one of those who are high ahead, you must already have a pretty solid idea about what to give and who deserves what. I’m still trying to figure out what my best options are and I was discussing that with a friend who suggested a calendar. As a gift.

As simple as it may sounds, this option brought about a fair share of choosing trouble and deciding indecisions. Not all calendars are alike! Duh! Take these two for instance: Pirelli’s 2017 Calendar as photographed by Peter Lindbergh and some Kardashian photographed by Terry Richardson for a calendar.

calendar art vs fame

Every day of your next year’s months would be presented by a prominent behind. In a season of non-judgement, I may have been terribly uninspired when picking my story -_^ We’re here now, we might as well discuss it, don’t you think?

2017 calendar kylie jenner by terry richardson

Every Kardashian out there is trying desperately to leave its media mark. There isn’t enough skin tight clothing out there to capture the ‘beauty’ of the K women! There isn’t enough makeup to highlight the eyes, enough lip plumping injections to make lips more relevant and no social media followers number will ever be enough for the Kardashians.

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Controversy is the true fuel driving their curvy vehicle forward, ever forward. None better to capture the one Kardashian famous for her duck pout more than anything else than Terry Richardson. He’s at the core of so many filthy stories in the modeling and fashion industry, the association is so natural! You might ask yourselves why I chose to talk about this particular calendar if I feel so unimpressed by it – it’s because I want you to scroll down and discover the real diamond hidden in the dirt of today’s social media!

robin wright pirelli calendar lindbergh

Obviously, I believe Peter Lindbergh did a fabulous job and I’m really happy Pirelli went ahead and supported this aesthetic initiative. Nothing to belittle, photographing high profile women without makeup or in less staged attitudes is so empowering, I think it reaches the art status!

helen mirren pirelli lindbergh

Have you seen: Alicia Keys without makeup on the Red Carpet?

What is art about if not to provoke and make you reconsider the world around you from another perspective? I spent magic moments watching the making of film for The Cal. The amazing women, the strength of emotion and connection passing through is tremendous. I cannot recommend enough that you watch it!

julianne moore pirelli lindbergh

I guess that’s what honesty can do to a person. What true beauty can do to a heart. In a world where social media has distorted the most intimate and pure, true, natural things of this wonderful world, this calendar and what it stands for had me at hello!

uma thurman pirelli calendar lindbergh

Beautiful at 20ish (Alicia Vikander, 28), at 30ish (Rooney Mara 31, Lea Seydoux 31, Lupita Nyong’o 33, Zhang Ziyi, 37, Jessica Chastain 39), at 40ish (Kate Winslet, 41, Penelope Cruz, 42, Uma Thurman, 46, Nicole Kidman, 49), at 50ish (Robin Wright, 50, Julianne Moore, 56), at 70ish (Charlotte Rampling, 70, Hellen Mirren, 71).

nicole kidman pirelli calendar lindbergh

These fabulous actresses who have had so many faces who have interpreted so many roles over the years have come together to show themselves unmasked. Week after week, month after month, an entire year of emotional images shot by Peter Lindbergh. The only non-actress from the calendar is Anastasia Ignatova, currently a professor at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations and also daughter-in-law to a very high profile Russian business man (Sergei Chermezov, CEO of Rostec which is sharing a history of business and investments with Pirelli).

jessica chastain pirelli calendar lindbergh

This is not the first time Peter Lindbergh has photographed the Pirelli Calendar: he previously worked with Pirelli in 1996, 2002 and also for the 50th Pirelli anniversary special edition retrospective. This 2017 is different in Pirelli’s Calendar history (first edition was in 1965). It was always about bringing attention with the help of the most influential photographers, models and moods.

Remember that one time: Pirelli Calendar had a very pregnant Adriana Lima modeling in its pages?

This year seems like a therapeutic experiment: try to consciously look at these images, come from the farthest impressions of these actors and get closer to them. To the real women who hardly have the time and the opportunities to be themselves.

lupita nyongo pirelli calendar lindbergh

Isn’t this why we’ve started this ‘Big Brother’ mentality? Why the paparazzi have so much to say in shaping opinions and capturing the spirit of our reality? Because these are rare instances of famous people being real. Living in the real world, like real persons, not just directed on the big screen.

Would you: Give up all your makeup drawer and go all natural with just two products?

The way art, love for humans, long for beauty and authenticity, simplicity and strong values binds in this simple yet hugely important spiral of a calendar is … emotional and I’m so thankful for every second of it!

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