5 Fall Sneakers For Fine Fashionistas

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While I was scrubbing the ice off my car’s windshield this morning, I mumbled that there was definitely no way to deny the installment of fall. Enter pumpkin spice lattes around the clock and earthy colors in my day to day look.

Besides, Halloween is just around the corner, how long am I going to pretend fall isn’t here? So before I get all Christmassy, allow me to introduce a handful of autumnal sneakers for lifestyle purposes only. Which basically means you’ll be comfortable in every step you take without breaking a fitness sweat or hurting your teeny tiny toes.

fall sneakers for fashionistas

Onitsuka Tiger by Asics Colorado Eighty-Five

asics colorado tweed tan

these beauties are available here

I think it’s safe to say I developed a serious obsession for Asics and Onitsuka Tiger sneakers. Something about them makes my heart flutter. The colors, the subtlety of the design, the comfort.. oh, and did I say the colors? My, oh, my, how these classic Colorado Eighty-Five had me at hello! I already own a pair (an all black pair) yet whenever I see the wonderful colors and fabric combos they put out systematically, I stare for hours and wish I had them all in my wardrobe!

onitsuka tiger asics colorado tan fall

perfect for fall, available here

I wanted to focus and choose just one color, yet I can’t bring myself to decide between the tweed – tan marriage and the soft tan – white sneakers. If the first feel like a blend of textures perfectly designed for the colder season, the latter… Well, let me put this delicately – once fall is here, my blood type is pumpkin spice latte! Is there anything about these tan sneakers that doesn’t bring PSL in your mind? Man, I bet they even smell like cinnamon!

Saucony Shadow Limited Edition

saucony limited edition sneakers

a festival of fall colors, available here

When you think of fall, don’t all these wonderful foliage colors come to mind? The nature is truly feisty, like a carnival until the last leaves come to rest! The Saucony Shadow Limited Edition keep the fall in your step like a happy painter palette! Next to Asics / Onitsuka Tiger, Saucony has my heart in comfort and looks and they make it miserable to resist breaking my minimalist outfits rule.

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Judging by my sneakers choices hereby, even I find it hard to believe that most of my wardrobe is on the grey and black alley! Sometimes, I just gotta give in to color and fall is my favorite time to do so! Green, orange, burgundy and a dash of very warm yellow – a true symphony at my feet. Oh, I wish Saucony would sing my feet into fall with this pair!

Puma Suede Coral Platform

puma coral platforms

perfect classics, available here

I may love the sneaker silhouette, yet, for refining the look, nothing goes better than classics. Puma is one of my iconic brands and this elevated silhouette is definitely not on my fall alley! The coral suede has this comfort quality to it, I’d love to match my black and grey looks with a colorful ‘Barbados Cherry’ Puma sneaker! – yeah, that beautiful coral is called Barbados Cherry! Honestly, it’s getting harder and harder to stick to my usually darker palette! The platform is an added bonus, perfect for keeping those beautiful toes warm during the cold season!

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New Balance 530 City Utility

new balance olive green sneakers

so urban, so comfortable, available here

After all that texture mashup, cinnamon feel, a bit of neutral is de rigueur! I’ve reached the highest high of my aesthetic fall opera, now it’s time to tone down in style and elegance. We’re all fighting the green fight, fall won’t stop us from being green, right? This New Balance Women’s 530 City Utility is perfectly urban and ideally chromatic for the falling leaves season! A retro vibe and highly engineered footwear technology, New Balance is putting the leather sneaker back in fashion. In fall fashion!

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Vans Slip On Metallic Gold Rose

vans metallic slip on rose gold

slick, addictive, slip ons available here

How about a pair of vegan slip ons? That tan color is speaking softly to me, inviting me to slip them on and wear them extensively. Vans have their iconic status, undoubtedly, for fans and non-initiated alike, a pair of slip on sneakers is definitely a must wear lately. Be it for the comfort of lace-less shoes or for the idea to wear the latest fashion available, the slip on is a must own! Beware of the rose gold magic – I’m definitely addicted to it. All it takes is one pair of sneakers and you’ll be forever hooked!

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