Why I Loved Sikhounmuong’s J.Crew Spring Summer 2017 Collection!

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How to choose your favorite inspiration source for the next Fashion Season when there are so many Fashion Shows, to many gifted designers and so many trends?

I choose with my heart. Sure, my eyes are a huge part of the process and I spend hours going through each Fashion Week’s photos and videos, yet my heart is the decisive factor in steadying for this or that Collection. Below I will detail my absolute crush for the J.Crew Spring Summer 2017 presentation – why I would blindly and compulsively buy every item designed by Somsack Sikhounmuong and his team for the next Season!

jcrew spring summer 2016 presentation

The Presentation / Models

jcrew spring summer 17 collection

I rely to those women in their presentations! I’m an adult and as an Adult Woman, I’m soooooo over those Catwalk obsessions where I would watch skinny models walk up and down the runway and focus more on the girls than the clothes. As a future customer (not really a fashion professional), relying to the presented girls/clothes is vital.
And I do feel connected to those girls laughing and looking real more than I feel connected to those unnaturally skinny and angry-looking young girls catwalking the Fashion Shows.

Which one do you prefer: Catwalk vs editorial-type fashion show?

Something even Vogue’s columnist, Maya Singer, admitted about the new J.Crew collection designed by Somsack Sikhounmuong:
‘These weren’t clothes for photo ops; just the kind of things a woman is happy to wear when the cameras are off.’

The Attitude / Styling

spring summer 2017 collection jcrew

Although the phrase above pretty much sums up the idea, the actual J.Crew Fashion Show for the Spring Summer 2016 season was a photo session with – what appeared to be – women having fun. The clothes were secondary to the story as the women had their own attitude and their personalities shined through from underneath the clothing layers.

See also: Victoria’s Secret show – the only runway where models seem to have fun?

It’s not something models could ever do – they seem to be unable to get over their ‘clothes hanger’ cliché role and that takes all the fun away from a fashion presentation in my opinion. I still long for the supermodels era, when the girls were not only beautiful on the outside but there was a sense of freedom on the catwalk and the models personalities would be seen beyond the fabrics.

Now I’m looking at fashion shows and I think there would be no difference if robots would walk instead of real life women. Everything is lifeless and lacks originality and personality. Just clothes hangers parading up and down the runway.

jcrew ss17 collection

I wish more presentations like J.Crew’s would be available. More ‘fun’ instances with the clothes. Not the cringe worthy, borderline cheesy magazines spreads with the clothes for next seasons. Not that there’s anything wrong with magazines fashion spreads – yet everyone and their dog is criticizing Instagram for the staged photos that are meant to be just moments of real life when fashion magazines are doing that for ages! Staging clothes and models, even retouching them to look whiter, thinner, curvier, shinier and so on. Who is the cheater in the end?

The Designs / Fashion

spring summer 2017 jcrew collection

It’s a fashion show, after all! -_^ Everything was perfectly styled to allow the creative and movement freedom we’re all longing for when choosing our clothes every day. No matter what we’re about to do that day, every moment, every hour, every activity should bring out the best of us. How can we ever do that with shoes hurting our feet/back, with too tight pants creasing here and itching there, unflattering fabrics and cuts?

See also: Another enjoyable & wearable stylish collection from Nili Lotan!

Instead of focusing on what we’re about to do in the following hours, each morning we’re agonizing about the day’s outfit. I’m looking at the J.Crew designs signed by Sikhounmuong and I’m thinking how much fun I would have in those, with no care in the world other than doing the best I can, every moment!

Flowers, ruffles, stripes and dots, pink and khakis, white and navys: clothes to make you look good and feel your best, clothes to make you have fun and feel awesome! Yes, I loved every stitch of the Spring Summer 2017 J.Crew collection!Thank you, Somsack Sikhounmuong!

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