Autoimmune Disorders And Fashion (Part Two: Living With Autoimmune Diseased Hair)

Autoimmune disorders have many names and many shapes. What binds them all together – and us, consequently – is the shaping that occurs in our lives. When the first manifestations of autoimmune diseases start to show, our bodies go through some serious changes.

My first was my hair. I’ve had a weird relationship with my hair over the years. The curly-wavy kind, always with a mind of its own. At some point I only wore it straightened at such degree that my flattening iron was the first thing I would use after getting out of bed, to set my hair straight. After I’ve had my second child, something changed in my head and I was finally embracing my curly hair as it was. Long, unruly and slightly dried.

autoimmune disorders hair

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Autoimmune Disorders And Fashion (Part One: The Beginnings)

Harsh title? Match made the below Heaven quarters? Perhaps. What if – yes, I’m asking you – what if living a fashionable life while being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder would be possible? Would you be interested in making this match a success?

Fashion and autoimmune disorders is so possible! I’m living proof – and I want to share that with you! I want us to come together and discuss, unload that heavy load off our chest, breathe out the heavy stuff and breathe in the wonderful stuff! Let’s dress ourselves with love! I know it’s hard! I’m fighting every day! And the fight will never end, I know! But we’re not alone and we can make it better, together we’re stronger, better!

fashion autoimmune disorders

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Photoshoot Reality Vs Vogue Reality Lara Stone Beach Body

I’m generally very relaxed with magazines stories and what they’re trying to sell us. After years of drooling over the pages of this and that magazine, I’ve come to the only natural conclusion I could, in the era of the Almighty Internet: I’m not buying fashion magazines ever again.

With a few exceptions (like Mario Testino’s special edition of Vogue Spain of which you’ll soon see wall art hanging around my home office). Something doesn’t click between me and those glossy fashion magazines. And today I’ll give you one of the reasons why. Far from being the first time we’re tackling this topic, the amount of retouching on the photographs we see in fashion magazines creates unreal projections of reality. Lara Stone’s Vogue Australia April 2016 (also) by Mario Testino.

Lara Stone Vogue Australia cover Testino April 2016

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Why Do Popular Fashion Bloggers Stop Blogging?

Is blogging officially dead? Some of the most notorious bloggers keep deserting their online platforms migrating – they say – towards new, more rewarding projects.

Blogging has lost its shine and magic – do we need to refocus our blogging energy on something else? A ton of question arise after each blog left behind. The last dinosaurs… ahem bloggers – how do you find the motivation to keep on blogging and what pushes others away from the once-so-addictive blogging activity? I will talk about the three main reasons why blogging is dying. Let me know what you think and if you have an opinion, do speak up, I’d love to hear more about this!

to blog or not to blog

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Rock Your Jumpsuit Like Gwyneth And Rosie!

The other day, a particular event raised my interest in more ways than I originally anticipated: The Hollywood Reporter launched an edition of the 2016 list of the Most Powerful Stylists with multiple covers showing stylists and the celebs they’re styling.

A party marked the momentum (sponsored by Jimmy Choo nonetheless) where the said celebrities were in attendance as well as many famous faces and bodies we’re used to see on the Red Carpet, on the big or small screen. Looking fabulous – no doubt! But as they come to sustain a pro-stylist movement, we too, non-pros, can wonder about the benefits of fashion styling taking Gwyneth Paltrow and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as examples!

flattering jumpsuit

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Media Uses Our Personal Insecurities To Keep Us From Finding And Expressing Our Style

Not long ago, I read a title on the prestigious styledotcom prophesying about the diy haircuts as the new ‘it’. Not the new ‘hair it’, no, the new ‘it’. Apparently, this big shot stylist designing for this big fashion house was bringing ‘diy haircut’ back on the catwalk, into the spotlight in her latest collection.

I was naturally attracted by this bait-type title (who wouldn’t want to save extra $ by cutting their hair at home and be mega fashion avant-garde as well?) and I was puzzled to read a story about models in a fashion show who received a blunt faux fringe for the defile and about their haircut stories… Umm – where’s the diy haircut thingie then? (see what I meant with the ‘bait title’? – less substance, more shock – they must’ve been avid daily mail readers)

how media manipulates us into thinking we have no style

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2016 Oscars Red Carpet Dresses: Candied Elegance

As is the case with the awards, the Oscars Red Carpet is turning into a politically correct fashion moment. Preferably long dresses, strapless corseted floor sweeping gowns in safe colors and cuts.

I know you’ve probably seen the Red Carpet and you must already have shaped an idea about the style of the 2016 Oscars Red Carpet Dresses, however, I love discussing these things with you ^_^ and especially confessing my own views. Last night, all the ladies looked like giant wrapped candy. Few notable exceptions, of course, but other than that, giant wrapped candy!

2016 Oscars Red Carpet dresses

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Haute Couture Details: Chanel Spring Summer 2016

What could be better than taking extreme fashion risks into Haute Couture collections? Perhaps taking an extremely serious issue and turning into a pretext for luxury?

I’m always baffled by Karl Lagerfeld’s chameleonic ability to twist and turn and take the entire world with him in a crazy fashion journey season after season. The Spring Summer 2016 Chanel Haute Couture collection was as splendid as it was derrelictuous. Yes, I’m making that a fashion word. For all things that are brought to the fashion level without having anything to do with fashion in the first place. Der Kaiser can bring a derrictulous storm upon the fashion world and be utterly nonchalant about it.(more images will follow, do come back to see all the details magic right under our eyes!)

Chanel Spring Summer 2016 Couture details

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