The Secret Behind Successful Personal Style

Some of you know me from the beginnings of Stylefrizz. Some have joined the adventure along the way and some are just random, accidental readers. I welcome and love you all and today I’ll be giving back a lesson I learned through all these years of ‘blogging’.

The most important thing I learned – fashion wise – is that style is not a simple word. Style is an attitude. Style is the most complex and yet the most simple way of expressing one’s personality. Scroll down and I’ll tell you everything I learned and how you too can learn to discover, build and cultivate your own Personal Style/Fashion!

the secret behind personal style

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Dare To Wear KrisDesign Beaded Jewelry?

If there’s a secret behind sophisticated looks, then it’s all in the accessories game! I’ve turned my head after a handful of ladies around town and it was all because they had a little ‘extra’ in their outfits – the necklace, the scarf, the bag, the belt, the earrings…

Something about the right amount of dazzle for the otherwise normal people could be just the difference between the same recipe made in your kitchen and a sophisticated presentation of a restaurant plate. Oh, you know me and my long introductions! It’s like entering the New Year with fireworks – I want it to be special! Kris Design’s beaded jewelry, however, are more the fireworks to my story this time!

unique beaded necklace Kris Design

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Can’t Find Adidas Yeezy: Would You Buy Replicas?

How familiar are you with Adidas Yeezy? Do you know, for instance, that the Yeezy Boost 350s is the most awaited sneakers release this year? And do you know that last year they sold out in mere minutes and you can find them on ebay for thousands of dollars? Yes. A pair of sneakers (textile upper) priced at $4,000 (and more)!

Did you know all that? I was barely aware of the madness surrounding the Yeezy sneakers, yet it doesn’t surprise me one bit. I find it’s quite relevant for today’s society values.

adidas yeezy kanye west concept

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MET’s ManusxMachina 2016 Exhibition Vs. Red Carpet Interpretation

I was appalled! That Met Gala Red Carpet was a disgrace! I keep telling myself I should be more diplomatic and accept more as the years go by. Instead I get increasingly more nervous and annoyed by the new perspective on fashion and style via celebrity! I’ll tell you more about it!

So the new Metropolitan Museum Of Art’s Costume Institute Exhibition this year (from May 6 through August 14) is about Fashion in the Age of Technology. Suggestively titled ‘ManusxMachina’, the exhibition could actually surprise you, as aptly presented by its curator, Andrew Bolton ‘I think people are expecting the exhibition to be about robots, and it really isn’t about that at all. It’s about rather subtle hidden technologies.’

Met Gala 2016 Red Carpet dresses

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Hair Extensions Killed The Individual Hairstyle

As my kids lined up to watch Ariel for the 20th time, I was peeking at the Little Mermaid’s adventures with one eye and the other anxiously perusing the fashion newsfeed. Here’s what I found:

As you may have read in my latest episode of Living a Fashionable Life with Autoimmune Disorders, I recently shortened my hair. The next day,my daughter asked me to cut half her hair length. Which I did, eventually, with tears in my eyes. And as she’s watching Ariel, right now, she stormed out the door looking for a scarf and came back with a pony tail and her scarf tied to the pony tail, mimicking a very, very long pony tail… I’m looking baffled at her and back at my screen where a trend is announced ‘the bob haircut is dead’ with pictures of celebrities wearing looong extensions as a justification.

mermaid long hair summer

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What’s Written On Federer And Nadal Black Tennis Shoes?

As I’ve mentioned it before, I’m an avid tennis fan and every now and then, I’ll present you with a tennis story to remember. Today it’s about a curiosity spotted on the clay courts of Monaco (Europe) earlier today.

Both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal were seen courtside at the Rolex Open in Monaco wearing each a pair of black tennis shoes, which was not announced as part of their gear for the season. More so: both players had some numbers written on the side of their Nike black tennis shoes – what’s that all about? (scroll down for the answer!)

Federer Nadal black tennis shoes Monaco

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Autoimmune Disorders And Fashion (Part Two: Living With Autoimmune Diseased Hair)

Autoimmune disorders have many names and many shapes. What binds them all together – and us, consequently – is the shaping that occurs in our lives. When the first manifestations of autoimmune diseases start to show, our bodies go through some serious changes.

My first was my hair. I’ve had a weird relationship with my hair over the years. The curly-wavy kind, always with a mind of its own. At some point I only wore it straightened at such degree that my flattening iron was the first thing I would use after getting out of bed, to set my hair straight. After I’ve had my second child, something changed in my head and I was finally embracing my curly hair as it was. Long, unruly and slightly dried.

autoimmune disorders hair

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Autoimmune Disorders And Fashion (Part One: The Beginnings)

Harsh title? Match made the below Heaven quarters? Perhaps. What if – yes, I’m asking you – what if living a fashionable life while being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder would be possible? Would you be interested in making this match a success?

Fashion and autoimmune disorders is so possible! I’m living proof – and I want to share that with you! I want us to come together and discuss, unload that heavy load off our chest, breathe out the heavy stuff and breathe in the wonderful stuff! Let’s dress ourselves with love! I know it’s hard! I’m fighting every day! And the fight will never end, I know! But we’re not alone and we can make it better, together we’re stronger, better!

fashion autoimmune disorders

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