DIY Flowers Headpieces For Summer Wedding & Party

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I said something about helping a friend with a wedding a while back – remember the lace headpiece? I also told you that besides the bride’s veil, I handcrafted a special headpiece for the Godmother. She had this beautiful summery silk maxi dress in bright green and bright red blended together in a marbled fashion and I was supposed to accessorize that!

Since the dress was quite simple, only counting on the vivid colors play, I had to amp up the headpiece. And since my friend has a special weakness for some poppies I did for her a while back (these poppies here, only in blood red), I went for a poppies extravaganza headpiece with veil! Perfect for summer occasions: weddings, engagement parties, cocktails or fancy going-outs!

how to diy summer party wedding headpiece

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As you may remember from my no-sew headband tutorial, you need several pieces of fabric cut in round shapes and different sizes. You actually don’t have to be perfectionist about that – the fabric edges will curl once exposed to the heat and the round shape will thus become relative!
I spend more time cutting the rounds and curling them than I did sewing & gluing the headpiece!

summer party flowers headpiece diy

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flowers fascinator diy

I think I did about 14-15 poppies in different sizes – big ones for the top of the head and smaller as they cascaded down the side towards the ear. I threw in some red tulle among the petals to bring more volume to the flowers and sew them to the green tulle. I was going for a wild effect, not a studied placement nor a carefully ballooned veil. And that because my friend wanted to lift up her veil if she should need to do so – stiffening the tulle wouldn’t have helped her then!

flowers haircomb how to diy

It’s really an amazingly easy to do headpiece and she was happy with the result! So was I! next I’ll show you how I did a haircomb with poppies – for the same wedding party, as my friend wanted something similar for the evening party when she would take her veil off but keep some of the poppies at back, atop her low bun.

how to flowers hair accessory diy

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This time I added black veil and a yellow flower for the love of contrast and worked an asymmetrical arrangement to accentuate the summer lightness of a flowery bouquet. I sew everything on the green tulle and then used the glue gun to place them on the transparent haircomb. Cut a piece of black leather to hide the nasty glue to finish.

how to diy summer party hair accessory

Taa-daaah! I’m sure her hair looked better than my frizzy curly mess ^_^ but you get the idea, don’t you?

diy flowers hair accessory

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how to summer flowers hair accessory diy step by step

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