3 Failproof Ways To Fix A Bad Hair Day

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Bad hair day. It really not just your hair that’s having a bad day, isn’t it? Your bad day starts at the top of your hairtips and ends when you hide your hair under your pillow that evening! What if… you can change all that and have a Fabulous Day from your hair to your toes, all the way into the night?

Got your attention, didn’t I? But really, think about it: how many days would’ve gone great if it wasn’t for that bad hair? I know I went through pouts and tears, slamming and cursing every time my hair choose the highway over my way! Now let me show you the U-turns I take when my hair takes the interstate!

how to fix bad hair days easy

1. Bobby pins

My best hair-friends! Buy a couple. No! Buy a bobby pins stack! It will instantly make you feel better! Bobby pins are cheap. For just a couple of $, you get a ton of tiny black pins (or gold if you hair is fair). First thing to know about bobby pins is how to use them right: when you put them in your hair, use the wavy part against the scalp and not the other way around! Secure more volume, a rebel fringe, a wild part with just three bobby pins!

bobby pins to fix bad hair days

Whenever I wash my pants or my pocketed vests, I have to check out for bobby pins deep in the pockets. I carry them everywhere – in my purse, in my pockets, I vacuum the car myself so I get over the guys at the carwash frowning over too many bobby pins stuck in the car’s carpet! Next time you see a lady driving a car packed with kids fixing her hair at the first stop, you’ll know it’s me! They’re my day-savers, my hair is having considerably less bad days because I use my bobby pins!

how to fix bad hair days with headbands

2. Headband/scarf

While you may think of the good ol’ headband as a way to add something pretty to your hair, I see them like my emergency must-do on a bad hair day! I’ve used elastic headbands, plastic headbands, metallic headbands, shoelaces as headbands, heck! I even used belts as headbands! I make at least a headband a week for me or my daughter, my daughter’s friends or my neighbors, my neighbors’ daughters and so forth!

fix bad hair days with headband

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And if the headband doesn’t work or you simply can’t match any headband to what you’re wearing that day, think about a scarf! A bandanna, a fabric belt, a tie, a bow-tie! Wear it and your hair day is gonna be so much better! You’ll love your hair, your day and everyone will love you back!

fix bad hair days with scarf

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fix bad hair days with belt

3. Hat

I don’t wear these enough! I Love hats! Straw hats, fedoras, men hats, knitted, crocheted, braided, hats are so hot! I know, you’ll say hey! ‘You’re recommending we use something you’re not actually using?’ – to all those who nag, I’ll just ask this: did you try hat-ting and driving? I swear, they should put this in the law somewhere! A sticker on the car: don’t wear a hat and drive!

how to fix bad hair days with hats

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How do I know? Because I tried it, duh?! That was the day my hat was airborn on the interstate! I hope it’s in a happy place, now!
Like I am whenever I try my emergency bad hair day: happy! My hair is happy, I am happy, everyone’s happy! Come on! Let’s give that hair a happy break!


#1 Adriana V on 03.13.15 at 6:31 pm

Oh my, hello there beautiful! You are a stunner even on a bad hair day. : Really….. Look at you….. I want that hair! That will fix any bad hair day here!
My hair is straight with a slight of a wave. I work with all those tips and can’t live without rubber bands (?) for pony tails either. Sometimes I use dry shampoo to give my hair a boost.

Just love the photo with the bow, so cute!

Lastly, I really like your natural look, you have such great features and…… never mind, compliments enough now I bet you got the message, ;) :D <3

Have a nice bad hair free weekend. :)

#2 kpriss on 03.13.15 at 11:15 pm

Aww! Thank you Adriana! That really sets the mood for a perfect weekend!
(maybe should’ve included ‘gray’ and ‘frizz’ in the title – but I think that at least two of the solutions I used are perfect for fine hair as well! right?)
I think I’ll use a dry shampoo (natural) recipe soon enough – you know, I haven’t tried it yet? But even when I dry my hair after (regular) washing, I use bobby pins to create volume where there isn’t too much (atop of my head, my curly hair usually falls flat and that’s where I need volume so I don’t end up with head full of curls and hit by a frying pan at the top of my curly head lol)

#3 Ellington on 03.14.15 at 8:39 am

Nice photos Kpriss!
Some of these I have done myself.
Thanks for sharing. : )

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