Dare To Wear KrisDesign Beaded Jewelry?

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If there’s a secret behind sophisticated looks, then it’s all in the accessories game! I’ve turned my head after a handful of ladies around town and it was all because they had a little ‘extra’ in their outfits – the necklace, the scarf, the bag, the belt, the earrings…

Something about the right amount of dazzle for the otherwise normal people could be just the difference between the same recipe made in your kitchen and a sophisticated presentation of a restaurant plate. Oh, you know me and my long introductions! It’s like entering the New Year with fireworks – I want it to be special! Kris Design’s beaded jewelry, however, are more the fireworks to my story this time!

unique beaded necklace Kris Design

I’ve been so caught up in the extraordinary look and the amazing intricacy of these beaded jewelry, I thought it would be so nice to spread the word about the beautiful handmade accessories signed by German based Kris Empting-Obenland (and pray tell me it’s not Karma to fall head over heels for something a fashion designer and mother-of-four has done! It takes one to know one, I guess)!

superbe beaded necklace

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Playful, colorful, witty, just like I love them! If you didn’t know any better (or look any closer), you wouldn’t guess they’re just beads! Like the kind our girls string around their wrists, those tiny annoying pieces of colored glass that you suddenly find in every corner of the house and even on the kitchen countertops (because ‘the light was better here, mommy!’).

blue grey necklace beaded Kris Design

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After I’ve seen KrisDesign’s work, I definitely changed my perspective and feelings about the tiny beads! They could make tremendous jewelry with a generous ‘work-of-art’ aesthetic! And although I’m sure they were quite tricky to make, staring at them makes for all that effort and patience! The colors palette and the natural inspiration behind them (caterpillars, lava, stars and flowers, rocks and gardens and so on) speak straight to my soul and I will always favor artisanal, handmade creations instead of industrial designs fast-forwarded in worldwide department stores. A creation from the heart will always be a priority for me, even before big fashion names! It has to do with passion and honesty. Like Kris put it so well in just a handful of words:

‘I’ve been creatively experimenting a lot throughout my whole life while searching for my veritable passion which, as I happened to finally find out in 2011, is beading! I’m an addict ever since and no thanks, I don’t want to be cured!’

beaded necklace by Kris Design Germany based jewelry designer

It’s been a while since our last DtW session yet I’m truly celebrating sharing these rare finds, precious gems of creativity we could all wear. Even if it’s just for a minute long scroll down the page, to see them out of curiosity! You can find more of KrisDesign’s pieces here! I hope you had fun looking at these necklaces (and bracelets) just as I did when writing about them!

beaded bracelet Kris Design

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unique beaded necklace zen garden Kris Design

unique original necklaces kris design


#1 Theodora on 06.05.16 at 4:27 am

I love it. Not only the technique but also the very unusual shapes of her designs.

#2 kpriss on 06.05.16 at 11:08 pm

Exactly – it is what captivated me too, Theodora! Reading through her bio, I realized it may have a lot to do with her multifaceted artistic manifestation – she’s a fashion designer but also likes to paint and craft other than tailor and create pretty clothes. Wide creative perspectives spawn wonderful things and I’m so happy you found them as beautiful and interesting as I did!

#3 Theodora on 06.06.16 at 2:20 am

I particularly loved the last 2 ones . I am very tempted to buy something .
Thanks for posting it :-)

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