DIY Flowers Hair Accessories Inspired By Valentino Haute Couture

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Each Spring I feel humbled and overwhelmed by the beauty and the energy taking over the nature. I’m almost tempted to believe my girl who is firmly convinced that that there must be some magical Pixie Dust and tiny Fairies taking care of each flower bud, of each growing green leaf!

Being asked about where I would wear the dotted tulle with bow headband and knowing how I first put it on for a walk in my own backyard, I thought something less haute and more casual was a must DIY! Here I am, with hair accessories inspired by the Valentino Spring 2015 Couture Show!

diy hair flowers tucked in how to

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valentino haute couture spring 2015 hair accessories diy

Flowers! Such magical creations! I loved the collection designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli for the Valentino maison: bohemian at its best! So many pieces I could and would wear, so many reasons to feel inspired and creative! Today I chose the hair accessories because I’m constantly going through a love-me-love-me-not moment with my hair. My beloved curls are leaving me to a hair full of frizz and static, as beautiful as Harry Potter’s Quidditch’s broom!

hair accessories how to flowers

Someone wiser than me once said that a woman with a nice hairdo and a pretty smile (ok, it was a pair of high heels, but my back will enter pain mode if I say that!) can get away with anything. I’m now trying to fix the hairdo part with a couple of bobby pins with flowers attached to them! There’s really no philosophy to this ‘do’: you need an elastic headband and a handful of bobby pins. The (artificial) flowers are optional as long as you have natural ones to tuck in!

hair accessories diy flowers

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how to hair accessories really easy

To create the flowers accessories, all you need is a pair of scissors – yep, that’s right! I kept my gooey glue gun in the box for this one! I can’t believe it either – but all I had to do was to twist the flowers on themselves at the end of the bobby pin (where it folds) and cut away the excess!

flowers for the hair how to

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how to diy hair accessories

Put your headband on like shown above, over your hair. Take individual strands and roll over the headband, tucking them and securing them with bobby pins. At this stage you should only use simple bobby pins (no flowers attached to them). After you rolled all your hair and secured it in place it’s time to bloom!

how to roll your hair with headband

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Take your flowers pins and place them here and there. Don’t bother to coordinate or to make special arrangements, have fun and put one, two or how many flowers you feel comfortable wearing. I admit that as much as I love natural flowers, I dislike them cut away from their natural branch. Also that protects me from bees who won’t feel stingy for taking flowers from them… (I think I watch too many cartoons)

how to roll hair with accessories bobby pins

DIY hair Valentino Couture tutorial


#1 Ellington on 04.14.15 at 10:20 am

Pretty. : )

#2 Adriana V on 04.15.15 at 12:32 pm

It’s not for me, but I do like this on someone else. Plus I need someone like you to do my hair like that. Lucky model., the result is lovely and summery. :)

#3 kpriss on 04.16.15 at 7:06 am

thank you ladies!
I would love to do your hair Adriana!

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