DIY Summer Watermelon Headband

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Oh, Summer! How I love thee! The hot weather, the fancy sandals, the pool parties and long nights outdoors, the boho dresses, the sweet fruits, the gorgeous flowers and matching headpieces!

I’ve done so many flower crowns, so many cute headbands in bloom – how about some fruity ones for a change? Watermelon headbands are so cute and fun for grown ups and tiny tots, watermelon bows are easy to do and perfect for summer hairdos! Below you’ll see how I chose to do my Watermelon headband, that’s not to say it’s the only way to craft this fun headpiece! Au contraire – it’s your head, your vision, your tastes! I just hope to inspire you to get creative!

how to summer watermelon headband

I used a lace elastic I cut to size and knotted and two strips of tulle (green) and organza veil (red) plus some plastic trimmings I cut into triangles and glued with my loyal glue gun!

watermelon bow summer

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So this is basically a double bow tie, with two bows – you can insert a third one if it flights your fancy – a white bow in the middle, for the thin white edge. I skipped that step because I think the green tulle transparency makes up for it. Also – there’s no limitation to how big your bow can be! I wanted a smaller one because my daughter will most certainly ‘borrow’ my headband and I won’t get to wear it as much as her. Maybe I’ll update this DIY project with a second melon headpiece later? Everything is DIY-possible!

watermelon summer bow tutorial

I secured the bows by sewing them together, but if you feel adventurous, you can always glue them with hot silicone – I used as little hot silicone as possible because I really love my freshly painted red nails and didn’t want to mess the nail polish. I only glued the elastic to the back of the bow and the middle stripe covering the knot. That’s because I don’t like seeing the stitches…

summer headbow watermelon

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See the plastic triangles? They’re not perfectly aligned and that’s perfectly ok too! I was afraid they’d snap at the first touch, but I was actually surprised to see how sturdy and well-glued they end up being! I used whatever I had in my DIY drawer – you can use black sequins, crystals, beads or simply black fabric to make the watermelon seeds! Have fun doing this Summer Headband and have fun wearing it too!

diy how to summer headband watermelon bow tutorial step by step

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