Dare To Wear Petitplat Whimsical Food Jewelry By Stephanie Kilgast?

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Here comes yet another episode of our beloved Dare to Wear series which focuses on the unusual, whimsical and the fun side of accessories, mainly jewelry, mainly handmade and fairly original. The kind of things you won’t find at your nearest fast fashion store and not even on the seasonal busy catwalks but in the Dare the Wear drawers!

Stephanie Kilgast creates a magic world of miniature foodie jewelry under the name PetitPlat (Tiny Meal in French). Her home/atelier is in Vannes, in the North-Western France, but Stephanie is driven and inspired by Freedom and the power that comes with being Free.

fabulous creations by Petitplat Stephanie Kilgast

Some people take the run mill, some take the park or the sandy beach. I follow the long, marvelous paths of etsy, wondering and marveling with each and every single fabulous find I come across by pure errant accident! But as we all know, there are no accidents in life, everything happens for a reason, we just have to figure out which is it. And I think the reason behind discovering Stephanie Kilgast’s Petitplat creations is spreading the word about her wonderful talent by unveiling yet another lovely, little thing that can bring so much joy into one’s heart!

Stephanie Kilgast Petitplat bracelets necklace

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Although she studied Architecture, her passion for painting, sculpting and photography transfigure simple clay miniatures of food into sheer art, fun pieces to wear that could make you just as happy as a sweet byte into a rich, moist, strawberry frosted chocolate cupcake. And that since 2007.

petitplat fimo rings

My inner girly girl was all giggles and smiles at the sight of the tiny cookies and doughnut hair pins, candy necklaces and cupcake brooches. All is so fairy-tale-ish that I ended up feeling like Alice, peaking through the keyhole into a magic world where all is tiny in size but huge in joy!

Easter fimo decorations miniature Petitplat creations

fimo necklaces petitplat

cookie brooch petitplat

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Stephanie lives and creates in Brittany where her creativity is inspired by the smallest details and constantly fueled by her freedom to create in her own time and her own terms. She even wears her own designs (from which she seems to favor the fruit tarts – can you honestly blame her? Fruit tarts are just awesome in real life and in miniature art).

cookies candy cupcakes earrings petitplat

icecream doughnut jewelry Petitplat

She’s also expanding into new territories with tiny owls and feathered goodies. Participating in international exhibitions and ateliers in Europe and Asia, Stephanie found time to even published a book with her bits of art!

fimo jewelry Petitplat by Stephanie Kilgast

fimo polimer clay jewelry book Petitplat Stephanie Kilgast

fimo craft book jewelry Petitplat

I can’t think of one occasion where I couldn’t wear Stephanie’s wonderful jewelry. But do we really need an occasion to restore the beauty of handmade, whimsical&fun objects? I’m ever so fascinated by the incredible things imagined and crafted by talented people driven by their inspiration and their happy feelings! (for more updates, you can follow Stephanie on FB and IG)

Stephanie Kilgast creates fabulous miniature jewelry

cupcake earrings petitplat

whimsical fun necklace petitplat

icecream earrings petitplat

macarons necklace fimo jewelry petitplat

doughnut hairpins petitplat

fimo macarons rings petitplat

Christmas earrings cookies petitplat Stephanie Kilgast

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