Dare To Wear Handmade Organic Jewelry By Manaka?

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Have you ever wondered how do those who have enlarged, stretched piercings take advantage of their newly created physical shape as to wear the appropriate jewelry and now look awkward? After seeing the handmade jewelry signed by Manaka, the stretched piercing jewelry lost all their mystery!

Organic materials, turned by hand into carefully designed pieces of jewelry and clothing inspired by Manaka’s love for life really brought the sunshine in a rainy day.

handmade jewelry stretched ears Manaka

Hailing from Australia, Manaka explores the nature and the aesthetic of each and every accessory she brings to life using ever evolving techniques and new approaches. Scarves, tops, dresses complete her jewelry collections, which are customizable and entirely organic.

jewelry for stretched ears Manaka

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Body art such as drawings, inserting small amounts of colored ink under the skin as to obtain more or less permanent tattoos, piercings and stretching the piercings have always been part of the human history, from ancient times to present days. Used to set the individuals apart, these body art manifestations keep resurfacing from the secluded tribes to the urban underculture and Manaka has a real eye for blending these very personal ways of expression into fashion and style through her jewelry and clothing design.

Manaka handmade jewelry

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The special dangling hoops she makes for stretched piercings are called ‘Manakees’ and although they’re looking fairly massive, they’re the exact right weight for stretched ears. Organic hemp, tiny skulls occasionally embedded in the fabulously tinted hemp, the look of these very particular earrings make me wish I had stretched ears so I can wear them myself.

original jewelry by Manaka

There’s more, though, in Manaka’s store: for stretched ears and more! The romantic floral or dotted plugs set in antique brass are too lovely for words and the large African fabric earrings are amazing for the colorful days of summer or any other day you’d want to add a splash of color and originality to your look. The same kind of Ankara fabric, joyful and colorful, is used for the large hair bows and bangles – two of my favorite type of accessories!

original fabric hair bow Manaka

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handmade ear plugs Manaka

handmade jewelry earrings bracelets Manaka

Playing with fabric, Manaka designed scarves, snoods, creating a new playground juggling with ruffles and prints. If you want to keep up to date with Manaka’s handmade jewelry and more, you can do so on etsy or FB.

Manaka colorful handmade jewelry scarves


#1 Ellington on 06.10.14 at 12:46 pm

Yes I would dare!
This line is fun and very summer hip! : )

#2 kpriss on 06.19.14 at 4:38 am

I’m happy you liked it! <3

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