Cupcake Dress Vs. Paper Dress

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I was thinking about that amazing Up project? How hard can it be? And while I was looking around the interwebs for something interesting to bring you, I came across a most interesting dress. Then it hit me: how hard can it be to wear a cupcake dress? How about a paper dress?

We’ve seen a wedding cake dress before, it wouldn’t be the first one but from what I get, people love a quirky challenge. Especially if it tastes good! And Katherine Kallinis and Sophie LaMontagne’s Georgetown Cupcakes cupcake wedding dress looks like torn from a fairy tale! And I bet it also tastes like a fairy tale too! But if you could, which one would you choose? cupcake or paper? (click through for more!)

cupcake dress

Baking siblings Katherine and Sophie, who own Georgetown Cupcakes are the stars of TLC’s DC Cupcakes. And just recently they participated in a slightly unusual fashion show – one that ended with a, to say the least, very interesting dress! A wedding dress entirely made of cupcakes! You can’t have a more fairy tale-ish approach of couture or bakery! However, we’re no strangers to paper dresses. They’re far more affordable and approachable than the cake dresses.

paper flowers dress

Slightly less charming for out taste buds, I give them that, but oh – so charming! Look at these gorgeous dresses that were spotted in the Anthropologie windows? The white poppies one is definitely my favorite. Actually I would go for that one instead of the cupcake one any day! How about you? (via 1, 2)

paper dresses anthropologie

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