Dare To Wear Butterfly Jewelry By Jewelera?

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Looking for unique, custom-made, outstanding jewelry pieces? Look no further, I just found Jewelera for you! Derya Aksoy creates this one-of-a-kind world of wearable art that keeps on fascinating me!

Spring is almost here, so naturally I was looking for amazing jewelry to wear as soon as the winter jacket comes off! Butterflies fluttering with every move or breathe of wind made from printed organza and assembled into ethereal necklaces and earrings are my latest obsession!

I accidentally came across Derya’s Jewelera collection and now I’m under the spell! I could wear her butterflies so many ways, I could decorate the house with them, I could actually give her butterflies to all my friends and family, neighbors and strangers, invade my world with these insanely enchanted jewels!

gorgeous butterfly necklace jewelera

I’m always happy to come across designs inspired by nature. And, incidentally, nature inspires us to great, wonderful things! This is just another modest example of how inspired, creative people can listen and translate the nature’s ways for every one of us!

butterfly wings necklace Jewelera Derya Aksoy

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The fluttering jewelry is made of printed organza, some involve sequins, glitter, chains and a lot of love. Derya is original from Turkey’s Istanbul magic city and currently lives (and creates) within the United States. She started a new collection to join the magical butterflies: Cotton Field. Also inspired by nature and looking fairly beautiful as well.

blue butterfly necklace Jewelera Derya Aksoy

I would and could go on endlessly praising the virtues and the aesthetic qualities of these fairy tale-ish accessories. But I think the images can do a wonderful impression by themselves. The question remains, though: dare to wear Jewelera’s butterflies jewelry? For I’m afraid they’re not mainstream, haute couture or in any other way related to the fashion industry as we know it (yet). Would you liberate yourself at such point to make believe you’re wearing butterflies? (more details on Jewelera’s Etsy page)

butterfly bracelet Jewelera Derya Aksoy

fantastic butterfly wings necklace Jewelera Derya Aksoy

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butterfly necklace headband Jewelera Derya Aksoy

butterfly ribbon tights Jewelera Derya Aksoy

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