Dare To Wear Missimiss Eco Friendly Contemporary Jewelry By Irina Karemova?

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We’re all loving a special touch to complete our looks: accessorizing our outfit brings a dash of sparkle and that unique signature we’re so striving for!

Hopefully you’ll find a bit of inspiration in this new Dare to Wear episode, this time focusing on natural, repurposed jewelry as created by 32-year old Bulgaria based designer Irina Karemova from MissiMiss. Delicate earrings, necklaces, bracelets and collars handmade with love and care to compliment your look, scroll down to see the selection!

sustainable leather jewelry missimiss

Looking at the missimiss jewelry, it’s so amazing to discover the many hoops, twists, cuts and edges simple materials can be twisted into! Not as sparkly and headspinning (not to mention costly) as precious materials, but more honest, simpler and sustainable than the usual mainstream bling. Also, on a special note, Irina’s birthday was just days ago, so what better moment to talk about the lovely creations of the happy designer, wife and mother of two?

handmade jewelry missimiss

Contemporary art has so many facets and preciousness, just like beauty, is in the eye and the mind of the beholder. What may be attractive to one’s sensitivity may be another’s indifference, however, when it comes to handcrafted objects such as missimiss’s jewelry, there’s at least the unanimous appreciation of the time and dedication invested into each leather patch, into each rope twist.

sustainable handmade earrings necklaces

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The mass direction of almost any type of industry is radically switching nowadays towards a personal approach of commerce. Perhaps as a counterbalance to the hyper-technologization of every aspect of our existence, we seek a more intimate reason to choose this and that item (from fashion to food, industry is dividing to a hive-type of organization, with smaller groups of individuals crafting their way into our wardrobes, into our kitchen).

sustainable handmade jewelry missimiss

Perhaps if you take a moment to check out these items, the knots and hoops of ropes, the drops and edges of leather, the way the colors combine to create the final effect would feel more natural and ethical than myriads of multifaceted mineral stones that carved to light from the dark depths of the Earth. (if you’re curious for more, you can check out Irina’s store here)

rope knotted necklace missimiss

handmade earrings missimiss

rope necklaces missimiss

black leather jewelry missimiss

leather jewelry missimiss

tan leather jewelry missimiss

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#1 Ellington on 05.15.14 at 6:42 pm

This is interesting.
I like some of it especially the black collar necklace. : )

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