This Year’s Most Fashionable Sunglasses: DiorSoReal

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If you’re already looking for the most fashionable sunglasses for this summer, DiorSoReal can be the stylish answer you need.
Much like our earlier topic, it’s more a question of dare to wear as this particular design is very avant-garde and unique but also very retro.

A rather interesting approach of the classic silhouette, something I hadn’t seen on a Dior Lady before!
Stella Tennant brought the SoReal news all the way to my Inbox and from there on, I’m delivering it to you as well, asking you if you could wear such sunglasses…

Stella Tennant Dior new sunglasses 2014

Described as vintage in ‘inspiration’ , with architectural lines, the black mirrored sunglasses are hardly something to look forward on the stylish sidewalks outside fashion week locations. A weird mix of avant-garde and out of this time, the DiorSoReal sunglasses unveils yet another dimension of the new femininity at the Dior maison.

Christian Dior Spring 2014 collection accessories sunglasses

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One that is no longer self fueled and sustained by the simple worth of a woman’s natural charm and inclination towards traditional enchantment. An architectural frame in black acetate with black metal finish sustains the 100% UV protective two-toned lenses, a throwback at the pantoscopic glasses of long-gone-eras eyewear (a particular concept in eyewear which enabled the two-in-one corrective vision by adding a lower segment for near objects while the upper segment was conceived for distant objects)

The music from the video commercial itself is aligned with the product concept, pantoscopic tilt eyewear being introduced in the 19th century, just as the Czech composer Antonin Dvorak was releasing his Symphonies to the world (of which the Symphony No. 9, also called the New World Symphony, was sampled for the commercial).

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Aside from the DiorSoReal sunglasses which retail around $500, 15 more models complete the Dior Spring Summer 2014 offering:

Christian Dior new sunglasses SoReal black

Dior sunglasses SoReal 2014 colors

DiorSoReal in Havana and Silver and Crystal Black and Silver

Dior sunglasses Solar 2014

Dior Solar in yellow, light blue and pink or Dior Solar in pink, yellow and ivory

Dior sunglasses Superbe 2014

Dior Superbe in black and peche

Dior sunglasses Exquisite 2014

Dior Exquisite in black and yellow or Dior Exquisite in ivory and pink

Dior sunglasses eyes 2014

Dior Eyes in silver and black or Dior Eyes in gold and ivory

Dior sunglasses Promesse 2014

Dior Promesse in beige, ivory and brown

Dior Lady lady sunglasses 2014

Dior Lady Lady in black, Mer du Sud and pink or Dior Lady Lady in black and ivory or Dior Lady Lady in black, Parme and sable

Dior sunglasses Diorissimo 2014

Diorissimo in black, rose Jaipur or Diorissimo in Brown and Havana

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#1 Neha Mehra on 08.13.14 at 11:45 am

these shades are so cool,i so want to have them.Love it

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