DIY Tassel Earrings Inspired By Lanvin Fall Winter 2015 2016

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Come fall, you’ll see an abundance of tassels and fringes. Because, they say, the bohemian spirit is taking fashion by storm – hence today’s DIY tassel earrings inspired by Lanvin FW 2015 collection. You’ll also notice a pronounced tendency to let go of the ‘trends’. As we know them, the trends are fading away. Instead, a new ‘trend’ is rising: the typology.

That’s basically an ID for each of the women fashion is designing for this season – as such, I’ve seen references to ‘the Lolita’ or the ‘Fashion Nun’ for this fall’s main style directions. The trends are dead, long live the trends! Euh – deontological ethics aside, let’s focus on the tassel earrings!

diy Lanvin inspired tassel earrings

First time I noticed them on Lanvin’s Fall Winter 2015 2016 runway, it was instant love! The movement, the cozy double nature of satiny tassels is so much on my style alley, I wanted a pair! Instead of waiting for them to overflow the nearest mall’s boutiques, I proceeded to my DIY stash inventory, see if I could come up with something to actually make my own Lanvin tassel earrings!

Lanvin fall winter 2015 2016

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Conveniently, I came across a handful of tassels and I simply dismantled an old pair of earrings and used the earrings wires to actually turn the fringe tassels into Lanvin-like earrings! Completely on a budget, recycled, reused, revamped jewelry incredibly easy to make and so very lush to wear. I was lucky enough to find some tassels in my own stash, however, you can either find some simple fringe tassels at your local crafts store or make your own from embroidery floss!

diy tassel earrings inspired by Lanvin

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Thank you Alber Elbaz for including such inspiring accessories in your Lanvin Fall Winter 2015-2016 collection! Tassels have been around since the dawn of fashion and they’ll never go out of style, regardless of what the ‘trends-makers’ will try to sell you! Stick to whatever flatters you and you feel comfortable in – that’s the real personal style, not what you read in the glossy magazines! (I’ll add the diy step-by-step soon, do come back to see the condensed guide!)

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