Kidrobot By Tarina Tarantino

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After Hello Kitty, Tarina Tarantino is going Kidrobot. The new collection looks fresh and playful and everybit Tarina.

After a successful handbag collection, kidrobot shows that toys go further than children’s playroom. Swarovski crystals, beads, pearls, silk ribbons all go round the Tarantino effect on kidrobot. To be honest I like this collaboration more than the Hello Kitty one. Of course I can’t help smiling when I look at some angry mean looking bunnies with a cigarette, but I would’ve preferred skipping the smoking-fun-factor(you can see the photo after the jump). I see no game there… How about you? What’s your heart telling you about this Kidrobot Tarantino affair?

Kidrobot by Tarina Tarantino Jewelry Collection

Kidrobot by Tarina Tarantino Jewelry Collection Angry Smoking Bunnies
(via nymag)

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