Munny Fashionable Toys

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Munny is the world’s greatest do-it-yourself toy. A little white doll for you to paint and customize at will.

More than anything, kidrobot, the munny mother-company has a great philosophy I absolutely have to share with you (if you were already familiar, I’m sure it will be a pleasure to re-read the lines following right after the picture):

Munny Gallery

MUNNY believes that you can do so many different things. You can do much more than you think! You can be so much bigger than you are! MUNNY is here so you can do amazing things and see how great you really are. MUNNY believes in trying hard and practice. These things make you a bigger person. MUNNY also believes that sometimes practice means keeping a promise even if you don’t always feel like it.

Munny Speakers Black Jason Siu Munny Like Speakers Collection

However, this post was meant to talk about a collection of funny munny-like speakers but now they’re just an addition to the article (click the thumbnails to enlarge).
Do you have a Munny? What does it look like?
(via blog.makezine, kidrobot)

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