Versace Clock Tower New York

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Versace is going for the billion building on Madison Avenue. The Clock Tower building was bought last year in a $200 million deal and now is in high renovation said to be worth $110 (just for the fun of it – what would anyone do in a 10,700 square feet penthouse announced for the renovated tower?).

However, the built complex is estimated around $1 billion. And when I say complex, I also involve the Versace work. 55 apartments and a spa plus an exclusive club designed by Donatella herself. I wonder if they’ll consider a radical change of the Clock from the tower – at least 1 day/year replace the actual clock with the medusa head logo of the Versace maison… Wouldn’t it be a good idea?

Versace Clock Tower New York
(reuters via curbed)


#1 Dame Edna on 07.23.08 at 12:58 am

The Medusa logo replacement would be a great idea!
Sigh…All this talk about millions and then up to a billion gives me the shivers.I feel like I’m in The Twilite Zone as I have to think twice before replacing my cell phone!What’s a million or two to these people?Chills…Its another world to me.

#2 Adriana on 07.23.08 at 5:57 am

……speechless @ Dame Edna……errr… agreement……

#3 Ellington on 07.23.08 at 4:35 pm

I look at this and think what excess and gluttony. Its an interesting building on its own and the Versace Medusa logo would look interesting where the clock is, but in terms of a corporate building for a designer, I like Diane von Furstenburg’s building much better.

#4 Adriana on 07.24.08 at 3:22 pm

The tower of power…..

#5 kpriss on 07.31.08 at 2:22 am

You’re right, it’s like a completely new world! This kind of people doesn’t care about recession, about environment or pure common sense. It’s like bigger the surface you own, more impressive the ignorance reigning in you.

And this is on the outside, I don’t even want to think how rotten things are on the inside!

One thing’s certain – I’ll keep you posted with news from the Twilight Universe!

#6 Adriana on 07.31.08 at 5:36 am

Bravo Kpriss! And yes please, keep us lesser mortals updated with news for the Twilight Universe! So I’m prepared…..

#7 Adriana on 07.31.08 at 5:36 am

*from the Twilight Zone*

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