Every Woman Needs To Try The New It Jewelry Before Summer’s Out!

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First of all – they’re temporary tattoos and second: everyone is crazy about wearing these, from the Vogue HQ to free-spirited fashionistas, so the least you could do is try them out once, before the summer is out!

All that tanned skin and all that press-on golden glow to make the best of your last weeks of hot weather! Your imagination is the limit as they come in many shapes and they’re really affordable too! Time-travelling from ancient Hindu traditions to the Haute Catwalks of the fashion world, temporary tattoos have our hearts and our style vote of confidence!

fashion new it tattoos

temporary metallic tattoos luludk

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temporary tattoos golden luludk

$22 lovely metallic tattoos from the very hyped luludk brand

We already mentioned these new type of body art that’s part tattoo, part artistic body paint as a worthy alternative to the permanent ink tattoos. The versatility and the very principle of transfer temporary body art are just as enchanting as dreaming eyes wide open. Dream about shiny golden tattoos around the wrists instead of dangling stacks of bracelets.

new golden tattoos temporary body art

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lovely metallic golden bracelet tattoos

these golden bracelets keep making fashionable fans; available for $22

Dream about shiny tattoos around your neck, wrapping up your body or hiding behind your back, catching the light. Wear them in separate, scattered pieces or keep them together, more the merrier, but the effect will be devastatingly fashionable and stylish.

fantastic golden tattoos temporary

‘[The idea of wearing golden temporary jewelry tattoos] is that it becomes an illusion—the kind of thing where people have to ask, ‘is that your jewelry or is that a tattoo?’ Vogue Online Edition Senior Fashion Editor Jorden Bickham advised recently

fashionable jewelry tattoo body art

these golden rings tattoos can be seen on many fashionistas’ hands; available for $22

fabulous golden jewelry tattoos

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One more stroll at the beach this Labor Day: make it with golden temporary jewelry! Before the summer’s out, everybody needs to press these shiny bits of dreamy fantasy against their skin! They’re meant to be just like this wonderful season: shiny, skin-exposing, ageless and playful. Just for a couple of days, and then it just fades away on its own, leaving but a viral memory on Instagram. And Twitter. And Facebook. And in your circle of friends.

flash tattoo temporary body jewelry art

the oh-so-very fashionable metallic body art can be purchased for $15

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