10 Simple Ways To Wear Green

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Sun is shining, sky is blue, it’s time to wear green again! We talked about green makeup, green nails, how about we dig into the good ol’ closet and try to find some ways to bring green into your outfits?

After all, we still have a couple of days left before St Patrick’s Day, perfect opportunity for some strategic shopping or outfit-planning! And even if you’re not joining the green festivities, there’s still a handful of inspirational images for you to look at!

10 simple ways to wear green for spring

1. Green Shoes

Starting from the feet up, what a wonderful way to celebrate spring and the greening nature! Bring a little of that joyous fresh pop of green into every step you take. Flats, medium heels or skyscraping high heels, there’s no limit or restriction but your own taste and comfort!

chic ways to wear green shoes

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2. Green Socks/Tights

Moving up, if you’re not feeling comfy at the thought of wearing green shoes or you simply don’t want your outfit to take such an obvious turn for green, socks or tights can be a lovely addition! Just let yourself go and have fun with the combos you’re planning!

chic ways to wear green hosiery

3. Green Pants

Now this item needs a bit of careful planning as the green pants can either make or break an outfit! The easiest way to match a pair of vividly green pants is with a white top or some stripes. Don’t overdo-it by adding a top with leafy greens or too much red. The purpose of wearing green is to match the nature, not make a salad of it – just think of shrubs or trees – first you have the leaves OR the flowers depending on the species. Not all at the same time…

stylish way to wear green pants

4. Green Skirts

Much like the pants, the green skirts can be simply fabulous and a touch of whimsy and cool to any outfit. Just try to keep in mind that less is always more, no matter what others tell you!

stylish ways to wear green skirts

5. Green Belts

This is one of the best ways to bring Spring into your everyday looks without breaking any outfit codes and without giving it too much thought! Plus it’s a failproof chic way to change the way you look by accentuating your waist! Experiment if you can and don’t over-match!

chic creative ways to wear green belts

6. Green Tops

Whether it’s a shirt or a slouchy tee, a blouse or a jacket/coat, there’s so much more to choose from! Keeping the combos simple will also make them more time/cost/fashion-effective.

fashionable ways to wear green tops

7. Green Scarves

Seriously one of the best ways to brighten up any outfit, the scarf is my accessory of choice, so don’t be alarmed if I say that while practicing the ‘less is more’ philosophy, I still think one can never have enough scarves! Or belts! To each its own, this is my Achile style heel! So I have no rules to follow here save for: have fun! Be creative and enjoy every scarf-moment you can! There are so many green scarves to choose from!

stylish ways to wear green scarves

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8. Green Bags

I know for a fact some of you feel just the way I do about scarves when thinking of handbags! And I know that because I’m a recovering bags-addict! So I can’t give you any moderation advice or cool-keeping advice on choosing and wearing the right bag. You know just as well as I do, any bag is the right bag at the right time!

chic ways to wear green bags

9. Green Accessories

Jewelry, headwear or glasses, a little touch of green is so easy to bring in with so many chic choices! Earrings, rings and bracelets, lovely necklaces or headbands, hats, sunglasses or eyeglasses frames, even gloves! My head is spinning!

chic ways to wear green accessories

Just be careful how you throw them all together, try to match your jewelry with your outfit but don’t wear the entire set and headware at the same time! One, two or three accessories are largely enough to bring that subtle pop of green into your daily look. Subtle, just like nature is, a matter of background and support!

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10. Green Attitude

While I completely understand that this is hardly something you can buy at your nearest mall or in a fancy e-boutique, I do believe it’s capital to shape and keep a green attitude towards the environment and even your daily life. We are celebrating spring and with it, the awakening of nature – take a moment to look at the sky, breathe and connect with the effervescence of nature. It’s a miracle we often take for granted or, worse, completely ignore its development.

what Vivienne Westwood said about fashion

It’s the littlest things that can make your heart fly – after all, the most beautiful thing you’ll ever wear is a Happy Smile!

(the images sustaining this guide were found and handpicked by yours truly from public domain. Should you know the rightful owners, please leave a word them in the comments section, that way I can make the proper adjustments/credit the owners, thank you!)


#1 Ellington on 03.15.14 at 10:24 am

Green can be the colour or an environmental attitude.
It also can be another word for cool.
A touch of green just adds the nifty! : )

#2 Ellington on 03.15.14 at 10:28 am

I love all of these green things! they are just so GREEN! : )

#3 Appollonia on 03.15.14 at 12:18 pm

Hahaha, I just knew you would write something like that Ellington. Green lovers ARE cool. <3 :D

Green is my number one favourite colour. To wear and to treat the environment.
Once I wore stripey stockings, red, blue and of course green by Mary Quant and they were only available in London. No, I didn't buy these myself, someone was so sweet to bring them along for me. Plus I wore green mascara for years! Max Faxtor had great dark green, I so wish that green is available but alas…..if anyone knows a brand? Pleazzzzzzzz…..let me know?? Also Lancôme had a great green. But this colour was more outrageous and not for me anymore these days.

OMG…..that long green flapping skirt I just <3 it !!!

About the original the inspiration St. Patrick' s Day? I have been once in Dublin and truth to be told I do not remember of the last hours other than that I had great fun. Blame it on the Irish, I love them Irish, they drink a lot but are true fighters and strong people. :)

Love this article and all you posted, gonna steal that Viv Westwood pic Ms Stylefrizz. It will show up somewhere else ;)

PEACE to us all !!!

#4 kpriss on 03.17.14 at 12:38 am

just <3 !
Any little share helps, Appollonia! <3 thank you!
I'll be on the lookout for green mascara!

Have a terrific new week, may it be as cheerful as the chirping birds and as powerful as the new burgeoning buds of spring! <3

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