Jennifer Connelly Goes Revlon

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Jennifer Connelly doesn’t stop after the Ghesquiere story. After being the face for Balenciaga spring summer 2008 campaign, she’s leaving the fashion world for the beauty case.

Revlon contracted her for the makeup collection. She reached that point in her life and career where she’s considered an accomplished wife and mother, aside from being an intelligent gifted woman and actress. I for one think she has a strange beauty and not your average looking actress. Going to Revlon from Balenciaga can be considered a step further?

Jennifer Connelly Various Images
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#1 Dame Edna on 07.23.08 at 1:08 pm

I’ve always found Jennifer a charismatic beauty.One just has too look at her eyes to know what she’s saying.I think having a beauty contract seems a logical step in her already accomplished career.Not a step further but its rather a step sideways and having a bit of glamourpuss fun.The extra money’s nice too.The reason we don’t really see a lot of her is probably because of what kpriss says…she has a strange beauty.Almost aristocratic.More Upper eastside New York than Hollywood.Class!

#2 Ellington on 07.23.08 at 4:20 pm

She is lovely looking and not run of the mill. Even her acting choices are not run of the mill. I think that her Revlon run will be a good thing for her and them.

#3 Adriana on 07.24.08 at 3:10 pm

An actress extraordinaire! Kpriss, in an earlier article you mentioned her part in “Requiem for a Dream”. Good god I saw the movie on a film festival and only knew that I liked Aronofsky’s mysterious “Pi” and Ellen Burstyn….well, well….I skipped the movie we should see one hour later….

Even tho she’s a great actress and a indeed aristocratic beauty, I don’t like my fave actresses/actors in ads. That’s a phenomenon of the last decade that I dislike more and more. Even very special Jeniffer will not make me buy Revlon. That robotic Ghesquiere dress and boots looked ridiculous on her. Typical catwalk stuff or something to wear once…

But these photos are beautiful.

#4 kpriss on 07.31.08 at 2:57 am

Adriana yes, I’m a fan of “Requiem for a Dream”. And I think she did a brilliant part in that movie.

Dame Edna, you’re right, I didn’t thought about it as a step sideways. She’s making the most of her image while she still can.

Ellington, when I read your lines, for some reason, it got me thinking about her role in “Little Children” (I hope I didn’t got it wrong, I didn’t checked it on imdb, it’s from my memory – the movie with Kate Winslet) and I couldn’t agree more that she’s choosing wisely her parts…Have you seen the movie?

#5 Adriana on 07.31.08 at 5:43 am

Everyone was brilliant in “Requim for a Dream”. A movie which haunts one for a long time. Not that long ago I dared to watch it again… had the same effect on me….

#6 Ajent Orange on 08.07.08 at 12:36 pm

I think she has a great face for cosmetics modeling ( I love her thick brows) and think Revlon made a great choice.

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