Dare to Wear Edgy Jewelry?

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I’m not a jewelry person, I said it and will again. That doesn’t stop me from being amazed when I see what’s becoming of the jewelry world drawer.

Like imagination is bound to gemstones and precious materials, and there’s where good taste ends (not in every case, even here I talked about the most expensive and in the same time the ugliest jewelry-watch), the undercurrent of jewelry, aside from the bling-breeze, is something of an edgy punkness I cannot even begin to understand before being appalled by it.

Edgy, strange Jewelry

It cannot be more different than the luxurious tagged items (like Chanel , D&G necklaces or else, pieces that put monograms on top of everything else), but hanging a butcher’s knife or cuffs for jewelry has to be a statement or not at all. The problem comes when looking at it practically and socially. Walking around with scissors-pendants makes living on the edge obvious enough. One can even show off his/hers choice of career when going for such pieces. As for the skull obsession, if it would have helped at least in diminishing the fear of death, it’d be a noble purpose served. I doubt, though, that skull mania has anything to do with that!

Unusual Jewelry

Last but not least, the “Biomorphic baubles” signed by Hisano Takei and made from felted wool and brass – I don’t know if it’s a necklace (?! Why not, after all?) or a scarf (as weird as it may seem), but I do know it’s rather strange. I’m sure you’ve came across strange pieces of jewelry or accessory too, please feel free to share, we can debate freely.
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#1 Karlie Kloss Numéro 92 April 2008 Issue — StyleFrizz on 04.17.08 at 1:13 pm

[…] decided to share these new found jewelry with you and get your saying. Who knows? I may have been missed something and obscured my fashion […]

#2 Tiita on 07.25.10 at 4:56 am

the 2 first necklaces definetly!!But the bracelet(if its a bracelet) and the big white necklace not so much!

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