Bling Atrocity is Getting on my Nerves!

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I count myself amongst those who think about products in the most strict way possible – meaning my car is my locomotion facility helping me transport me and everything I need from one place to another. No shrine, no overwhelming glory involved so go that far as matching my car and my purse.

I’m sure you’ve seen (I’ll stick to cars because I started discussing this issue, I won’t change with, let’s say, coffee machines – for one because I don’t drink coffee and for two because I wanted to talk about that car frenzy for quite some time now) that cars just like any other fashion trend, get categorized after brand, model, color. The latest (from what I’ve seen) is (big) white cars.

Bling Coffee Machine

Not only I find white cars ugly and unfitted chromatically, I’m waiting for 6 months to see that pass and it only gets worse. The original trend was about (very) big cars, 4 motion especially. Now it’s stepping down to Fiat, Peugeot and their alike. I’m still waiting for the day they’ll all dump their big white ugly cars like they dumped, years ago, little pigs after the Babe movie frenzy.

Bling Fruit Squeezer
Bling Fruit Squeezer Black

However, this wasn’t really about cars (even if I got carried away). It was about unnecessary options. The following takes place under this incidence. People needing approaching things at that point that atrocity is spawned. If psychologists are amongst you, please speak up and let us know if there’s a special pathology in all this or it’s purely bad taste.

Bling Gaming Console

There’s a Bling My Thing Company dealing with demands of customization at the weirdest levels possible – computers, phones (that would be normal, right? At that point bling is involved in tech stuff) coffee machines, vacuum cleaners, gadgets of all kind, clothes and accessories.

Gaming Console Bling

The company working with mosaic art (bending Swarovksi to a an ordinary blinging process) promises that “If necessary, we will break new ground for our clients. Only then can we achieve those stunningly unique results our customers dream of. Over and over again.”

Bling Nintendo
Bling Phone Paris Hilton
Bling Nokia Communicator

What point is there in making a vacuum cleaner a Swarovski work of art? Those who have that kind of money don’t lower themselves to vulgar house cleaning processes.

Bling Vacuum Cleaner

Blinging a computer or a phone, or any gaming console has only one explanation possible – they don’t get to be used (at least not like normal people use their computers or gaming consoles).

Bling Laptop

Did you ever felt the urge to bling up anything from your belongings? And if so, please share your reasons with us.

Bling Vodka Bottle
(via blingmything)


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#5 Erin on 06.21.13 at 6:15 pm

I love bling. We should have every day choices of coffee machines with bling.

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