I-D Agyness Deyn on May 2008

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Far from being a delicate average model figure, Agyness Deyn is keeping everyone busy. Either with loving her or hating her.

And because Kate Moss needed an heiress, here she comes in the androgynous person of one so-called Agyness Deyn (actually, from what I heard, the nickname (if it really is one) comes from her mother who’s done some numerology mumbo jumbo and composed this lucky-charm name to bring her daughter success and good luck in her career). Truth or again another marketed legend, Agyness appeared or has been pulled on the scene to stay. I-D is giving her no less than 6 different covers adorned with “ICON”, like it’s meant to bring yet another shade of controversy to the Agyness theme.

Agyness Deyn on the Cover of I-D Magazine May 2008

Looking for the next face of Britain, as the photo shoot’s style says. I looked at Agyness and believed she was an ungroomed product of the catwalk, an untamed kid in search for fun. When looking around for other’s opinions, I realized she’s not so beloved after all, that she’d be more marketed than La Moss herself. I usually trust my instincts but when I’m in lack of information I keep a reserve on things – Agyness is still in that reserve-area. What about you? Have you got your own mind made about miss Deyn?

I-D Magazine May 2008 Cover with Agyness Deyn


#1 Adriana on 03.30.08 at 2:34 pm

I do not hate her neither do I love her. I like her. But it is far too early to crown her as an icon! She has to prove far more to deserve that. Stay longer on the scene etc. etc.

It is even possible Kate Moss is the last iconic model. Times have changed. And I don’t see another model of the status Kate Moss has or had…..whatever…..

#2 e.varden on 03.31.08 at 12:45 am

She’s only got one eye (and one teat) apparently….

– This is carrying gimcrackery way too far.

#3 Arnoldo Valerio on 03.31.08 at 1:47 pm

Aah Agynes Deyn, actually born as Laura Hollins in Lancashire (UK) on Sept. 7th 1986 she never will be the successor of the famous Kate Moss. Despite how I think about Kate M. I can’t believe that such a young woman would be the succesor of her. Kate is a unique person, and Laura can do what she want, but she never will share the same adoration as Kate M. has or have. I’m really sorry for her, but in about two years no one knows who she ever was.

#4 Adriana on 03.31.08 at 3:44 pm

Agyness did remind of someone. And all of sudden I knew her name. The bald shaved model with the dragon on her head and that androgyne look. Eve. Eve Salvail. I never knew her last name, just named her Eve and I believe she was known only with her first name. And then we never heard of her again all of a sudden. I do remember her in Pret-a-Porter. I’ve always have been curieus what did happen to her. Since she seemed to have dissapeared. Now I know why. But now I see there’s a lot of difference between these two models. I find Eve far more interesting than Agyness as a person. I found this video from Fashion TV. Gosh, I had to google a lot because I didn’t knew her last name. Here is Eve.
There’s one on YouTube too from Cindy Crawford’s MTV show. I do even remember I’ve seen that one. When MTV was still fun to watch……

I do wonder if Agyness will be around for a long time. And if the word “icon” is too often used in too many cases?

#5 kpriss on 04.01.08 at 8:53 am

Indeed the times have changed so much since 20-10 years ago when icon wasn’t used at such increased frequency and top model still had a meaning to it. Maybe the fashion’s rushing to crown her before she
disappears or before she missteps so they’ll all have a chunk of Agyness and then pass on to another young “meat” to devour. It may sound rush, but it looks like that to me.

Thank you, Adriana, for bringing up the resemblance with Eve. She’s far more interesting, indeed. Had her part of “marketing” and as such, her made-to-measure image turned back on her so she left. Good for her! At least she looks put together and healthy living. I’m curious about A.D in a couple of years, indeed. See how fast she’ll disappear from the spotlight.

#6 Malena on 04.01.08 at 12:20 pm

I don’t understand what people see in AD. I think she often pulls a face like a mental patient. Not pretty at all. And her so called-style consists of items of clothing that don’t go with each other – right now people seem to think that’s funky or something. ;-)

#7 boston on 04.07.08 at 2:30 pm

I really can’t see it, she is so not beautiful or even pretty, very gawky and her style choices are gross, Kate Moss has beautiful facial features and is photogenic, with the fact that she’s been so successful for so long, this agyness, just can’t compare, EVER.

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#10 phil on 03.16.09 at 2:27 am

surely, the photographs speak for themselves? This is obviously a very ill informed post, all you had to do was open any copy of any magazine in 2007, and there was aggy outshining everyone on any page. And as for your reservation when it comes to reffering to her as an icon, anybody can see that Agyness Deyn will follow in the footsteps of Twiggy, not only keeping a much better reputation than the “coveted?” Kate Moss; but also going on to be regarded as the model of the naughties!

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