Boucheron Snake Chocolate Necklace

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When you go out and buy your new $20,000 car (ahem… handbag), then stop by La Maison du Chocolat and buy yourself a chocolate necklace.

I don’t even know if you can actually wear the thing. The facts remain – for Boucheron’s 150th anniversary, a gold snake skeleton necklace coated and decorated with (real) chocolate carrying a diamond has been made and awaits gourmands.

Boucheron La Maison du Chocolat Snake Necklace

I love anniversaries! Especially when you’re getting to the cake-part! However, having a necklace in chocolate makes me wonder if it’s something to wear or something to eat.

It’s easy to diet when rich, right? You’re facing such dilemmas!

The 20.08 carat tinted yellow diamond is not to eat, that’s for sure! Eventually you replace it with the diamond shaped chocolates created for the same occasion.

Boucheron La Maison du Chocolat Snake Necklace Diamond and diamond shaped chocolates

I have no idea what’s the price of this… necklace. But help me out here – it’s to wear? It’s to eat?
(via fashionweekdaily, pictures sibarites)

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