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Exquisite Nail Polish Comparison: OPI 18k White Gold Vs. Azature Diamonds
Are you a complete nail nerd? Are you a complete Mariah fan? Would you like to dress up your nails for winter? Yes, already! Because... Read More

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Angelina’s Asprey And More. Jewelry By Celebrity
If you haven’t decided what to buy this Christmas, you can consider the following jewelry pieces designed with dedication, inspiration and care by big names... Read More

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M-dolla Chopard Knuckle Ring Vs Ken Goldman’s Knuckle Brush
Madonna is the toughest…diamond girl! Everywhere you turn your head, another Madonna cover pops up. Now that we’ve all seen the boots, we can admire... Read More

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Marion Cotillard’s Oscar Chopard Necklace
Remember that beautiful Red Carpet Mermaid from the latest Oscar’s edition? Well, Marion Cotillard was, in my opinion, completely out of Hollywood’s fashion, stating a... Read More

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Boucheron Snake Chocolate Necklace
When you go out and buy your new $20,000 car (ahem… handbag), then stop by La Maison du Chocolat and buy yourself a chocolate necklace.... Read More

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Swarovski Diamonds for Oscar Fashion Design
Everybody’s getting ready for the big Red Carpet Event. Now that the strike’s off, people want to really make this Oscar night a celebration. Swarovski... Read More

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Top 10 Jewelry Brands
When it comes to information, accuracy is vital. This is the main reason why I thought you should know that a top of most luxurious... Read More

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Ends Diamonds Encrusted in Gold for Luxury Update on Shoelaces
I doubt it gets any crazier than that! But then again, every passing day proves me wrong! Ends is a new line of gold and... Read More

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