Leo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend, Toni Garrn New Haircut For Vogue Paris

Spring is here and much like the renewing nature around us, we might consider a new haircut (hairstyle and haircolor might be thrown in the change game as well). The bob still reigns supreme in the it haircuts top as Vogue Paris follow in the footsteps of US Vogue with yet another Victoria’s Secret model going for the chop. Live! (people get so tired of reality tv, now they want reality magazines even for fashion updates!)

Remember when Karlie Kloss new hair got no less than 6 pages in the US Vogue January 2013 issue? Well, here’s Toni Garrn who got a handful of photos in a messy bob pictorial for Vogue Paris April 2014.

Toni Garrn new haircut Vogue before after

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How To Wear The Season’s Hot Trends: Rihanna White Lace Outfit

Lace must be in your wardrobe this season! White is de rigueur for the hot season anyway, so you just need to make it sheer. Add some lace sneakers or flat laced shoes and you’ve got yourself a straight-out-of-the-catwalk look – remember Dior and Chanel Haute Couture?

Fashion shows are just the starting point for the wardrobe inspiration we thrive on season after season. Lately, I found that street style is sometimes a stronger input for style ideas and such is the case with Rihanna who was recently spotted in an all-white outfit (save for singular color splash you can easily notice underneath her see-through lace skirt).

Rihanna white outfit lace skirt Simone Rocha lace oxfords Givenchy Dior bag

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Vogue Festival Wraps Up With Kate Moss Vogue UK May 2014 Cover

This weekend, London was the place to be for the fashion population as the Vogue Festival returned for a third edition with models, designers, photographers and entrepreneurs.

Fashion ateliers took place for two days in London’s Southbank Centre and hot out the festival’s closing doors is the British Vogue’s May 2014 issue. Who’s on the cover? Kate Moss, biensur! What’s the main tagline? ‘The Great British Model Takeover’ isn’t it the perfect way to pin fashion’s capital ambassadors by betting it all safely and cozily on Kate Moss?

Freja Beha Erichsen styled by Kate Moss Vogue UK May 2014

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This Season’s Must Have Bag: Tom Ford Leather And Feathers Gradient Satchel

Do we really need a reason to buy a new bag? And even if we do, the sight alone of this Feathered Ombre Tom Ford Bag is enough to push it on the first position in my fashion priorities shopping list!

I just saw it this morning and although I was going for another story, the image of this feathered bag wouldn’t fade from my memory. Perhaps because there wasn’t much else to see on the model but the bag (you’ll see what I mean by that after the jump), perhaps because festival season is soon upon us and I keep mixing and matching festival outfits in my mind (I do like to wear feathers for summer festivals – in my hair, around my waist and so on).

must have bag this season Tom Ford leather feathers satchel

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Kate Moss Favorite Jeans: J Brand And Siwy

Drawing close on the Frame Denim popularity, J Brand jeans and Siwy Denim have the most stylish ambassador of them all: Kate Moss.

She’s been photographed on more occasions than we have fingers to count on, wearing the Sateen Jean from J Brand or the Siwy Hannah Jean from Siwy Denim. Both in a very dark, black wash.

Kate Moss favorite jeans

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Kim Kardashian Dresses, Vogue US April 2014 Most Controversial Issue

Let’s talk about this month’s most discussed-about Vogue magazine cover and associated pictorial. Because everyone is alarmed about it and because for some it may just be the last American Vogue they ever acquired.

Annie Leibovitz photographed the couple (and, literally, her mother) in their luxurious home, in Paris or in a private jet but the truth is plain and simple for all fashion passionate out there: wherever they may be, whoever may take their picture, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West won’t overcome the gossip aura that’s surrounding them.

Kim Kardashian Vogue cover dress Lanvin

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4 Unusual Fashion Magazines Spring Covers: KimYe, Vivienne Westwood, Kim Basinger, Nigella

The unusual, the controversial, the gossip magnets, the questionable and the influencer have earned their fashion magazine covers this Spring! There’s nothing like the boost of nature’s rebirth to wake up the popular energy!

And the absolute tongue-waggling crown goes to:

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Vogue US April 2014 Shape Issue cover

Photographed by Annie Leibovitz with an associated cover story written by the grand Hamish Bowles, the cover models choice had to be defended by Anna Wintour in her editorial letter.

unusual cover stars Spring Fashion Magazines

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Hottest Jeans Brand Right Now: Frame Denim

If you still swear on Current Elliott, it’s time to consider a radical change in your wardrobe as the jeans you want to wear right now must come from Frame Denim!

It’s the latest denim trend brought by our favorite celebrities who all switched to Frame Denim all of a sudden. Now: either their items are revolutionary as to convince so many famous people to wear them, either their marketing team must be one of the best ever as they succeeded in establishing Frame Denim in just two years as the leading Jeans brand for those who want to keep up to fashion date!

frame denim looks Erin Wasson

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