Dare To Wear Missimiss Eco Friendly Contemporary Jewelry By Irina Karemova?

We’re all loving a special touch to complete our looks: accessorizing our outfit brings a dash of sparkle and that unique signature we’re so striving for!

Hopefully you’ll find a bit of inspiration in this new Dare to Wear episode, this time focusing on natural, repurposed jewelry as created by 32-year old Bulgaria based designer Irina Karemova from MissiMiss. Delicate earrings, necklaces, bracelets and collars handmade with love and care to compliment your look, scroll down to see the selection!

sustainable leather jewelry missimiss

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Angelina Jolie, Hedi Slimane And Elle, A Maleficent Multi Covers Deal

Whatever will happen, however she unfolds, Angelina Jolie is a steady value in entertainment. In 2014, she sealed yet another life-size story she’s known for: Elle Magazine has Angelina Jolie on their June 2014 cover, the US edition and some 40 other international editions reprinting as well. Not bad, huh? From this issue onward, Disney’s new Maleficent is going to be on every newsstand in the world, a random fact worth of a world record title.

Photographed by Hedi Slimane in Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane exclusively, Angelina delivers one of her stunning pictorials in her favorite black & white palette. Actually, it somehow reminds me of a story she did in 2007 with Marc Hom in 2007, for Esquire magazine…

Angelina Jolie Elle multicovers deal

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2014 Met Gala Fashion: 20 Red Carpet Mistakes

What’s the point of attending a Ball if you choose to ignore the dress code? Where’s the point in attending Fashion’s most notable Red Carpet if you’re not wearing the right costume?

These are the questions that continuously popped into my mind when I was going through the visual reports from this year’s Costume Institute Gala (past years I had the same dilemma, except this time I’m voicing it firmly). So from the multitude of people who felt it was unnecessary to wear a costume to honor the Met’s Costume Institute exhibition’s theme, I narrowed down to a handful of celebrities I categorized as following:

2014 Met Gala fashion wrongs Rosie Hungtinton Whiteley Balmain Rousteing

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2014 Met Gala Fashion: Beyond Charles James, The Heritage!

When you say Charles James dresses, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? I was little familiar with the grand designer’s work up until Anna Wintour announced the theme of the 2014 Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala theme ‘ Charles James: Beyond Fashion’. As the D-day approached, I was looking more and more into the couturier’s archives, trying to get as much of his fashion as possible.

So the first thing I imagine when I think of a Charles James dress, is a glamorous ballgown with a dramatic sculptured, ample skirt, very pretentious occasions and Haute ladies (do tell me your sartorial vision of Charles James style in the comments, I can’t wait to read them all!)

Met Gala 2014 most beautiful dreses

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2014 Met Gala Fashion Couples You Need To See!

There’s one thing people love more than admiring the Red Carpet fashion, and that’s the actual celebrities walking it! Coupling these two, literally, let’s take tonight’s theme seriously and look ‘Beyond Fashion’ with world’s most watched and talked about couples right now, right here on the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 2014 Gala Red Carpet!

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

It was hard to pick a favorite, but the moment these two lovebirds walked the Red Carpet, it was obvious that their magic star would outshine the others. By far! The energy, the fun, there’s nothing standing in the way of this couple’s reigning over the world with their magnetism! They make a youthful, unconventional but fashionable couple on the 2014 Met Gala Red Carpet.

2014 Met Gala couples Emma Stone Andrew Garfield

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2014 Met Gala Fashion: Sarah Jessica Parker Black And White Oscar de la Renta Petal Dress

The equivalent of the Oscars Red Carpet, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Met Gala is happening as I write these lines. Naturally, all fashion people’s eyes were on the New York establishment’s surroundings, hoping to catch a glimpse at the very high couture and the very high profile celebrities in attendance.

One of my favorite, year after year, Sarah Jessica Parker did not disappoint at the 2014 Met Gala either! Following the exhibition’s theme ‘Charles James: Beyond Fashion’, she took couture literally and she showed up wearing an Oscar de la Renta black & white gown with the designer’s signature on the train of the dress!

2014 Met Gala Red Carpet SJP dress

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Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany, Rebecca Hall Fashion In Transcendence

Easy to notice, not always easy to identify or to find, some of the items our favorite stars are wearing on the big screen will be reviewed here week after week – in the measure of possible.

Today it’s about ‘Transcendence’ and about a handful of clothes and accessories carefully supervised by the film’s costume department head, George L. Little, and worn by Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany and Rebecca Hall. George L. Little has previously designed the costumes for Zero Dark Thirty, The Hurt Locker or Max Payne, none of which excel in fashion but in everyday wardrobe utility.

Transcendence movie fashion Johnny Depp Paul Bettany Rebecca Hall

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These Beauties Can Sing: Gisele, Miranda & Keira!

I’m convinced you’ve heard all about Gisele Bundchen and Miranda Kerr both releasing cover songs this week! But have you heard about Keira Knightley releasing her own music? sort of. In a movie. With Adam Levine and Ceelo Greene though! And Mark Ruffallo! (the movie is called Begin Again and looks like the perfect rom-com with a hint of rock’n roll)

Gisele is here, Gisele is there, Gisele is everywhere these day! But so is Miranda Kerr… So before getting to Keira’s singing, let’s see what else do these two supermodels have in common?

Gisele Bundchen Miranda Kerr Keira Knightley singing

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