Leo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend, Toni Garrn New Haircut For Vogue Paris

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Spring is here and much like the renewing nature around us, we might consider a new haircut (hairstyle and haircolor might be thrown in the change game as well). The bob still reigns supreme in the it haircuts top as Vogue Paris follow in the footsteps of US Vogue with yet another Victoria’s Secret model going for the chop. Live! (people get so tired of reality tv, now they want reality magazines even for fashion updates!)

Remember when Karlie Kloss new hair got no less than 6 pages in the US Vogue January 2013 issue? Well, here’s Toni Garrn who got a handful of photos in a messy bob pictorial for Vogue Paris April 2014.

Toni Garrn new haircut Vogue before after

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Being in the right age group and also a Victoria’s Secret Angel has made Toni Leo DiCaprio’s current girl-flavor. For Leo has less girl-friends, more girl-flavors who tend to fade in taste and appeal when they reach the age of 23 – Toni has two more years to go! Starting out with Bridget Hall (in 1994) and going through Kate Moss, Naomi, Helena Christensen, Amber Valletta, Eva Herzigova, Gisele, Bar Refaeli, Anne V, Erin Heatherton, Leo sure likes his girls hot from the catwalk!)

Toni Garrn Leonardo DiCaprio new girlfriend

But back to Toni’s haircut! While Karlie had Patrick Demarchelier photograph while Garren cut her hair, there were no actual haircutting action in those pages! Catherine Piercy – who wrote the Vogue hair piece about Karlie’s Chop – had a real talent in describing the models’ reaction and the history behind the ‘Chop’ haircut (which, like all things fashion, has to have a special ‘myth aura’ to be gain recognition from the fashpeople). In Toni’s case, Frederique Verley writes just enough in Vogue Paris to leave room for Gilles Bensimon’s pictures to do most of the talking!

Toni Garrn new haircut Vogue Paris

Damien Boissonot was holding the scissors while Toni posed cheerfully and playfully while undergoing the hair transformation:

‘To avoid the classic too flat bob, I feathered a couple of strands all around the face. This gives a pinch of destructured , more alive feel to the entire look. To me, this length is ideal as Toni can still tie her hair together.’ Damien Boissinot
‘The moment I saw that short hair on me, I asked myself: do I look younger or older? I still can’t tell, but I love it. Since I had long hair all my life, I now realize I always lived with a built-in scarf. It’s really weird to feel the wind on the back of my neck’ Toni Garrn

Toni Garrn Vogue Paris new haircut

Toni Garrn making funny faces while getting her new haircut for Gilles Bensimon in Vogue Paris

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As long hair seems to run ideally in the depths of our education through childhood fairy tales (Rapunzel, anyone?), a shorter haircut, especially after wearing lengthy locks for a long time, feels like the most liberating thing in fashion history. (after Coco Chanel putting women in pants, that is!) Or at least significant enough to make it to the pages of Vogue magazine!

Toni Garrn with short and long hair

There’s no telling if Leo diCaprio is a fan of Toni’s new haircut, but she did joined him for the 2014 Oscars Vanity Fair after party this year while wearing her new short do and they’re currently still going strong on vacation somewhere in the world. Maybe that was the secret for a longstanding model-affair in Leo’s books – a shorter haircut? (images Vogue Paris, getty)

Toni Garrn Oscars Vanity Fair party magazine pictorial

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