New Hairstyle Trends: Rihanna, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lauren Conrad, Noomi Rapace And Molly Sims

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Remember a few days ago when everyone went crazy over Taylor Swift’s dramatic haircut? Something’s in the (h)air as more and more celebrities choose to change their hairstyle as of late!

Rihanna and Katy Perry dark fringed bob

are the latest to join the chop flock . Regardless of how odd it may appear, the truth is simply out there: stage-rocking ladies went for the bob hairstyle with heavy fringe (hanging straight above the eyebrows line for Riri and Katy and sideswept for Taylor)

Rihanna Katy Perry bob haircut the new hair trend 2014

Taylor Swift haircut before after

Taylor Swift’s new hair before (left) and after (right)

Taylor Swift new short hair

Taylor Swift’s recent haircut was posted by Cara Delevingne via Instagram (left)

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Lauren Conrad (possibly) shoulder length bob haircut

While it still hasn’t been confirmed yet, the picture below seems to indicate that Lauren Conrad just chopped off her pony tail and is now wearing a classic shoulder-length bob haircut (just like Jennifer Aniston who was rumoredly seen with the same hairdo). However, should you feel the urge to try the same chop at home, just taking off the end of a ponytail isn’t how you achieve a correct haircut!

Lauren Conrad new haircut before after

Lauren Conrad hair before (left) and after the big chop (right)

Noomi Rapace grey hair

While attending the shows of London Fashion Week next to some pretty fashionable people (namely Carine Roitfeld and Kanye West), Noomi Rapace was showing a very interesting grey hairdo. Apparently, the only thing changed in the lady’s hairstyle was the color, as she went from blond to grey. I’m seriously puzzled about that white powder around her face: what could it be?

Noomi Rapace new grey hair

Noomi Rapace hair before/after as she recently went from blond hair (left) to grey (right)

Noomi Rapace new grey hair face powder fashion week

Noomi Rapace showing off her new grey hair during London Fashion Week (with Kanye West and Carine Roitfeld front row)

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Molly Sims new red hair

She’s fabulous no matter the hairstyle, but Molly Sims admitted going for a color change because everyone keeps getting their hair cut and she just wanted a change without the chopping drama. How do you like Molly better? As a blond or as a redhead?

Molly Sims new red hair before after

Molly Sims before/after from blond hair (left) to red hair (right) part of her Nexxus partnership program

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#1 Appollonia on 02.19.14 at 12:05 pm

The white powder? Seems the flashes of the camera’s shows the make-up in a wrong way…..or something like that. Happened to Nicole Kidman too. Noomi looks great whatever she does. And is not at all impressed with Kanye.
If that Debbie Harry biopic is still going to happen Noomi should play Debbie not Selena Gomez. Noomi has it all to play someone like Debbie. The height, the looks, the attitude and the right age. Debbie a rise to fame with Blondie when she was over ’30, Yes, that was normal once. ;)

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